Albina and Kyira

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How We Met

We met in high school, then went to rival universities (U of A and ASU); despite the rivalry, we reconnected through a series of happy hours through a mutual friend.

She asked me to see a movie one evening, and I thought I’d make it a girl’s night, and invited a friend of mine. I’m glad that friend was busy; little did I know, Kyira wanted to tell me how she felt about me and asked me out! Two days later, we had our first official date, followed by making it official the next day!

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How They Asked

I knew I wanted to marry this woman from the very first date, and I wanted it to make it special since she deserves the very best!

Kyira had two requests: nails done and a photographer present. I had to be sneaky so she doesn’t suspect anything! I booked a photographer (@mayapapayapictures) bought the ring and texted Kara (azjuniper) to trick Kyira into getting her nails done; I told her to tell Kyira she had only a couple of spots open, so she had to book soon. But Kyira booked her appointment beforehand; however, Kara did sneak in a tiny heart on the ring finger!

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The plans changed a few times due to difficulties with restaurants and copyrighting views (🙄); so I finally decided on a sunrise shoot downtown. I had to convince Kyira it was a photo shoot, and her birthday was coming up, so she suspected nothing while still having to dress up, put makeup on, and do her hair! I was so nervous going to get her the morning of, and reciting my speech inside my head the whole drive to downtown.

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We walked for a few shots and the photographer and I decided on the perfect spot near the place where we had our first date and it was SHOWTIME. I started my speech about how much I love her, and she immediately started crying. When she said yes, I was so nervous, I started putting the ring on the wrong hand!!! We had a great laugh through happy tears and continued our photo shoot.

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We had dinner that evening, and we were going to meet up with her best friend (the one we reconnected through) and her boyfriend to celebrate, but I had one more surprise for Kyira. I had invited our friends and family to celebrate with us at the place we had our first date! She was so surprised and filled with joy when she saw friends, especially the ones coming from out of town and out of state to celebrate our love! It was the best day of my life, seeing her so happy.

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