Alayna and Taryn

Alayna and Taryn's Engagement in Phuket, Thailand

How We Met

We met in the “classic” way some would say – through friends! But with a twist. I had just come off of a self-imposed “hiatus” from all things romance and had never dated women before. She had just come out of a complicated year+ long relationship with someone else. My best friend, Alex, from college, is family friends with one of her best friends, Ashley, from high school, and we all went out for Ashley’s birthday nearly four years ago. As soon as I spotted Taryn through the crowd, it was electric. I had never felt that way just by looking at someone. Ever. Little did I know, she felt the same. We ended up spending the night two days together on and off, between brunch, Sunday funday, dinner, and watching the NCAA championship. Our whirlwind romance blossomed quite quickly from there. We’ve been inseparable ever since!

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How They Asked

We felt pretty early on that we wanted to spend our lives together and were never shy about discussing what we wanted for the future. I always said that I wanted a low-key proposal – something as simple as waking up together, rolling over, and asking. Taryn is not low key in any sort of gift giving, so she did not like that idea. But I told her to put her “flair” on it as long as it was private.
I’ve known for a while that we were in the space to become engaged soon, I just didn’t know when it would happen. She had told me she hadn’t even purchased a ring yet and didn’t want to propose on any of our trips or holidays because she wanted it to be a separate thing. So when we went on our long awaited trip to Phuket, Thailand, a proposal was no where in my mind.

She’s an excellent planner so she told me the run down of our activities for the trip in advance. Our second day would start with a floating breakfast in our private pool! She said we needed to leave the room for an hour so they could set up the breakfast and I was like yea sure. Didn’t think a single thing of it. Meanwhile, the hotel staff was decorating the room with an entire proposal thing. She did try to delay us getting back to the room, and I didn’t fight her too hard (I was hungry after all). She seemed a little off but I just thought maybe she was jet lagged.
When we returned to the room, I first saw red balloons and said, “woah, is this part of the floating breakfast?” *face palm* lol. I turned the corner and saw balloons across the wall spelling out “Will you marry me”. The whole room was decorated with rose petals and red, silver, and gold balloons. I was in complete shock. I don’t even think I processed what happened fully, but I definitely said yes!

Taryn said she wanted to still do a bed/breakfast private proposal, but she added a bit of her flair – a floating breakfast in Thailand with a room full of rose petals and balloons. She got a journal and wrote me a note for us to look back and reflect on our time as fiancés. She planned a sunset engagement photo shoot with a local photographer on the beach to capture our newly engaged bliss officially. And afterwards, we went to a beautiful dinner at a local steakhouse, with a decorated private booth to celebrate. It was the perfect day. So very us.

And let’s not forget that ring! It is everything I wanted. And I admit, I was VERY specific in what I wanted. I’m a bit anal in that way haha. But I was not disappointed! My ring is perfect for me and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of Taryn and our special incredible amazing love.

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