Aeriel and Morgan

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How We Met

I met my fiancé in the most unexpected way. I stopped over at a friend’s house and was lamenting to her about my dating woes. She suddenly perked up in response and suggested that she introduce me to her friend Morgan (who lived a few houses down). I was unsure of what would come about but I thought “Why not?” And agreed. She sent Morgan a photo of me, and Morgan was over within 30 minutes! I was a little nervous, but I’m a professional at hiding it. When she walked in I was super into her vibe, she seemed so cool. We hung out on the couch all day while I basically talked her ear off the entire time. Morgan immediately made me feel so comfortable to be myself, and I stayed all day just to hang out with her. When I left that night, she asked me for my phone number but for some reason, I thought she was kidding. So, I left. Later on, she messaged me online and from then on we were set. Every night she came over and we would talk until 1 am. She works early and would drive back to her house on the other side of town just so we could spend time together. The time and lack of sleep didn’t matter. We couldn’t get enough of each other. It was so new and so pure. After each night we slowly scooted closer on my couch, and by the fourth night, we actually sat next to each other.

Finally, when she left that night through an extremely awkward and drawn out goodbye – we gave each other our first kiss at my door. It was hilarious. There was stuttering, and a lot of weird body positioning on both ends. Morgan was different. She possesses something so special and real. I remember that first week realizing that I had never been with anyone who I was truly myself around. I had never felt at ease like this. Morgan wanted to come to my messy house. Morgan didn’t care when she saw my hair unbrushed or my bare face. She listened to all my crazy stories. In fact, she came back again after seeing and learning about all of it. Morgan really just wanted to be with me. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was shocked to realize I had spent all of these years never understanding what it was like to have another person see me for me. By week two, we knew we wanted to spend our lives together. It was real, but we knew we had to wait. We both wanted to ease and integrate my son, our families, and friends into our new lives. We knew not everyone would understand. I had to introduce her to Jaxon. My son and Morgan immediately clicked in a way I never saw. She lights the both of us up. Everything with Morgan was so easy. By month two, I knew that I would propose to her.

How They Asked

I spent my entire life dreaming of my proposal day, so it had never crossed my mind that I would be the one to do it. I wanted her to take my last name, I wanted to spend my life with her. So, I bought her ring. It was a beautiful 14k gold, 1.5-carat diamond, pavè set band. I contacted a dear friend who is an extremely talented photographer, KT Knilans. We chatted about ideas, but I was having a very hard time figuring out how to make it a surprise! A few months passed and as fate would have it, my cousin wanted to come to Columbus to get maternity photos taken.

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I knew just the person to do them! This was it, the perfect plan. So, I kept the day secret to everyone, until the last hour. After my cousin was about to finish up her maternity session, I whispered in KT’s ear “I’m going to propose to Morgan.” I suggested Morgan, my son and I take some photos walking in the city. It was a perfect day. It had literally rained the entire week in Columbus and on this day the forecast read a 0% chance of precipitation. Every detail worked itself out. It was so easy, nothing was forced. Just like our relationship.

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KT did an incredible job capturing every moment. From the minute I told her the plan she was on point and ready. When we finally reached the street KT wanted to take the shot on, we agreed the key phrase would be her telling me “The lighting is perfect.” So, we took a turn and walked a few steps and our photographer looked at me and let me know we reached the spot! I was on fire! I was full of emotion, elation and so excited. I kissed Morgan, I bent down on one knee and the entire world felt suspended at that moment. Next to the birth of my son, asking Morgan to marry me was the most incredible and magical feeling I have ever experienced. Time stopped. I have no idea what I said to her, I just know my heart was spilling over and I was speaking -what I hope was- words.

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Finally, I said, “Will you marry me?” She said, “Yes!” It was beautiful. She was laughing, I was laughing. People were clapping, and we just hugged and kissed over and over. She had no idea what I had planned. She even told me when I asked her to marry me, she thought I was kidding! We had talked about it so much and I had completely convinced her I wanted to wait longer. It was incredible to see the surprise on her face and I’m so happy I followed my heart. When it comes to the heart, there is no such thing as time and no set of rules. March 4th will always be marked down as one of the best examples of the beauty and wonder of the power of love.

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Special Thanks

KT Knilans
 | Photographer