HowTheyAsked's Highlights from JCK – The Biggest and Prettiest Jewelry Show Ever

Every year thousands of jewelry designers set up shop for JCK Las Vegas – the biggest jewelry conference ever. I was invited by JCK to speak on a panel and then roam what seemed like miles of jewelry booths to find my favorite wedding designs and bridal trends. I accepted the invitation with open arms (duh), and loved every second of it this past weekend.

SO! I could talk about all the beautiful things I saw – and tried on – for a very, very long time, but fortunately I was able to narrow down a few of the best below. I’ve added links to each designer’s site so feel free to take a peek at the rest of their collections too. What I can say for each and every one of them is that their passion is strong, their imaginations beautiful, and their jewelry makes me glow from the outside in.

here’s comes pretty…

These Rahaminov Engagement Rings were regal to the max – and a lot of their collection was the same. We’re talking huge diamonds, glamorous designs, and every detail flawless.

rahaminov engagement rings

Next, A.Jaffe has two things going for them. The first being their extensive line of engagement rings. We sat down with A.Jaffe’s designer, Shai, to hear a bit about her design process and loved the end result. Here’s a handful (or two) to prove it:

AJaffe engagement rings

The second thing we loved about A. Jaffe were their map necklaces. They take any location – like the place you met, got engaged, or married – and turn it into an adorable map necklace. They’re literally the definition of love-inspired jewelry and we think they’re great for wedding day presents, anniversary presents, bridesmaid gifts, and the list goes on.

map necklace ajaffe

While we’re on the topic of meaningful jewelry. I met Zameer Kassam and his design process brought me to tears (literally… chills and tears). Zameer’s company is based in New York and he asks each man to walk him through every bit of his love story so that Zameer can find details from said story to include in the ring. For example, if the first time the man knew he loved his soon-to-be fiance was while they held hands walking down the beach, Zameer would incorporate a wave-like design into the band or add a hidden blue sapphire underneath the center stone. My love-story-loving heart loved every ounce of this, and the fact that he uses only Forevermark diamonds only increases it.

Zameer Kassam engagement rings

Next up, there were two designers who made some bands that I felt I could not live without. One was Uneek (shown first) whose stunning, sparkly, remarkable designs had my jaw on the floor for far too many seconds, and the second was Liven Co who had 100+ soft, sweet, feminine bands that could be stacked and paired for days on end.

Uneek wedding bands



Liven Co

I’ll finish up with a few more engagement rings. First are these Tacori engagement rings from their RoyalT Collection – the rings are full of sweet, intricate details and there’s a hint of vintage in them (which I love) too.

tacori engagement rings

And finally, here’s a center stone shape I was thrilled to see a lot of… oval. I know I’m not alone when I ooze over how lovely and classy an oval engagement ring looks. This one is from Sylvie Collection, a designer whose rings are romantic, feminine and equally as timeless as they are unique and modern.

sylvie collection engagement ring oval

And there you have it! Some of the things my eyes and I adored this weekend. I covered a few more designs and designers over on JCK’s instagram if you haven’t had enough. We also have a whole gallery of engagement rings and a lengthy article on how to buy a diamond!