How To Pull Off The Perfect Photo Shoot Proposal

In however many years we’ve been reading proposals, we’ve seen hundreds of people try to pull off the perfect “photo shoot proposal”. A photo shoot proposal – if you couldn’t guess – is when the two of you are already in the middle of a shoot (for reasons explained below) and you drop to one knee. As an example, here’s one of our most-read photo shoot proposals.

It’s really a great proposal idea for a few reasons. For one, it’s not often you find someone who wouldn’t be excited to be in a photoshoot (proposal or no proposal), so it’s an easy sell. For two, you can’t have a photoshoot without a photographer, so it’s a built-in way to ensure her sweet surprised reaction is captured perfectly. Need someone to snap the moment? Flytographer makes it easy to find a photographer near you on the fly. (Plus, our users get $25 off with code: HTA25OFF). So, to help you plan your own photo shoot proposal, we’ve rounded up our best advice – from our own editors, our favorite photographers, and a team of proposal planners.

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How To Pull Off The Perfect Proposal Photo Shoot

Have someone else suggest the photo shoot so you don’t raise suspicion. You can ask her friends to suggest a girls shoot, get her family to schedule a portrait session, or you can even have her boss ask her to be part of a “promotional” shoot. She’ll be very surprised when you walk up in the middle of it and get down on one knee!” Heather Vaughn, The Yes Girls, US Proposal Planners (here’s an example of a guy proposing during his gf’s company’s shoot)

“Plan it for a reason. Telling your girlfriend you booked a photo shoot just for the heck of it will definitely raise flags. Instead, 1) make her think it was her idea or 2) suggest it for a certain occasion, like a birthday gift, Christmas card, or anniversary.” – Emily, HowTheyAsked (here’s a proposal in the middle of a Christmas shoot)

“Don’t stress (too much), and have fun! Hiring a photographer that specializes in capturing surprise proposals means you can rest easy knowing your moment will be beautifully memorialized. Let them offer their professional opinions so you don’t have to stress over every little detail. As long as you’ve got that ring in your pocket and a smile on your face, everything will turn out beautifully!” Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris, Paris

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“Stay down on your knee for longer than you want to! I get how nerve-wracking proposing is. It’s tempting to want to just feel your knee touch the ground and then immediately get back up – but don’t! Stay down on that knee for as long as you can stand it. It’ll ensure you’ll get more photos of the moment, it’ll allow time for the photographer to “course correct” if something goes wrong (if a group of people move through the shot, for instance), and it’ll prolong this fabulous moment your girlfriend’s been dreaming about. I tell all my clients to stay on their knee for 15-20 seconds at minimum.” – Laura Pennace, Pennace Photography, New York

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Practice kneeling! It might sound silly, but you might want to do it in the outfit you plan to wear so you can be sure that all clothing will fit properly when you’re in the awkward position of being on one knee!” Cassie for Flytographer, Global Proposal Photographers

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Act natural. Just be yourself and let your photographer candidly capture the moments as they unfold.” Mikkel Paige, Mikkel Paige Photography, New York City and Raleigh, North Carolina

Make sure you have your story straight with everyone involved. This sounds like a no-brainer, but the littlest discrepancies can clue in your lady (I promise, she’s probably already thinking about it every other second). Go over the “plan” with your photographer and other vendors so that everyone knows the same story. Most times, anyone you hire to help you will be just as excited and focused as you – it’s just one of those moments that is important to everyone. Have no shame in rehearsing together.” – Madison, HowTheyAsked

Your photographer can be a huge source of advice. They might know the area well and be able to offer suggestions on location, timing, and so forth. They’re here to help you make this moment as memorable and stress-free as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask.” Krystal for Flytographer, Global Proposal Photographers

Have a “cue” word so when the photographer says that specific word, you know he or she is ready for you to go down on one knee.” Heather Vaughn, The Yes Girls, US Proposal Planners

Incorporate a sign, letter, or other keepsake into the proposal. We LOVE when we see something sweet and/or clever go into a proposal. For example, in this proposal, the photographer brought along two chalk boards and in the middle of the shoot, asked the couple to each write a sweet message to the other. When they flipped their boards around, the happy (and shocked) girl read “Will You Marry Me” and fell to one knee with him.” – Emily, HowTheyAsked

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