Popping the Question to your Wedding Party

When it comes to your engagement, “Will you marry me” isn’t the only important question. After you’ve said yes to a life of wedded bliss with your partner, it’s time to ask your leading ladies to join your bride tribe. Today, then, we’ve rounded some pro tips for asking—along with unique ways to pop the all-important question: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Read on for some seriously helpful tips and memorable bridesmaid proposal ideas.

how to ask your wedding party

how to propose to your wedding partyAnée Atelier

Make the moment special

Anyone who’s been a bridesmaid once or twice (or ten times) knows it isn’t exactly an easy gig. There’s a lot of responsibility, costs, and oftentimes travel involved. From throwing you an amazing bachelorette party and attending an array of events to fixing your lipstick and holding your bouquet, your leading ladies will do a ton to make sure your engagement and wedding are as perfect as they can be—which is why you should start the bride-bridesmaid relationship off on the right foot with a creative, thoughtful, and meaningful ask. Skip the text or phone call and do something unique instead (more on this below!). Even if your bridesmaids-to-be live in a different city, there are still plenty of creative options for asking from afar that don’t involve emojis.

Know when to ask

Proposing to your bridesmaids should be one of the first things you do in the wedding planning process. You want to give your bride tribe plenty of time to prepare for your wedding, request days off work, save up money, etc. But you should also make sure you’re absolutely sure about each and every one of your leading ladies before you pop the question. Don’t ask when you’re buzzed on bubbly and still basking in the glow of that post-proposal bliss. Instead, take at least a few weeks to think long and hard about who you want by your side. Don’t make decisions based on suspected hurt feelings or who had you in their wedding—your bride tribe will be by your side throughout every step of the planning process, so make sure you’re confident and comfortable with your choices.

PRO TIP: You don’t have to match your side of the wedding party with your partner’s! If your fiance is having seven groomsmen, that doesn’t mean you have to have seven bridesmaids. Choose your bride tribe based on your relationships—not on the notion of having a symmetrical wedding party.

Unique Ideas for Asking your wedding party


The Dress Boutique Ask

ask your bridesmaids while dress shoppingHaleigh Nicole Photography

Invite your bridesmaids to go wedding dress shopping with you and pop the question at the boutique! Bridal salons often have champagne available—so make the moment extra special by contacting the shop ahead of time and asking them to have a little champagne toast prepared for you and your ladies. You could also have individual goodie bags, small bottles of champagne, and/or floral arrangements with the question attached waiting for your group at the salon. The great part about this is you can then try on your wedding gown and your bridesmaids dresses together.

The Greetabl Ask

propose to your bridesmaids with a greetablGreetabl

If you haven’t yet heard of Greetabl, stop what you’re doing and check them out. Greetabl sends out small, customizable gift boxes that you can choose to fill with everything from chocolate to confetti to candles. Plus, it takes all of five minutes to customize, fill, and ship your Greetabl from their website—making it a super simple option for brides-to-be who have friends spread across the country. We love the super cute box design prints they offer and the array of great gifts you can fill each box with. Our favorite part, though? You can upload images from your computer or from Instagram and add a personal message for an extra custom touch. Not only do they make perfect wedding party gifts, but they’re also great for your bestie who just got engaged.

The GNO Ask

girls night out with your bridesmaidsAllie Dearie Photography

If you and your ladies are fans of girls’ night out (who isn’t, honestly?)—then the GNO ask might just be the key to their hearts. We love the idea of making reservations at your favorite restaurant and having custom-printed menus that ask each to be your bridesmaid waiting at her table setting. For an extra special touch, contact the restaurant ahead of time and ask them to bring out a bottle of champagne after the women read their menu and say yes!

The Fresh Flowers Ask

propose to your bridesmaids with fresh flowersUnsplash

Listen—if there’s one thing every bridesmaid-to-be loves, it’s an arrangement of fresh flowers. For a timeless way to ask your bride-tribe, we love the idea of sending sweet bouquets to each with a note asking her to be your bridesmaid. For a super thoughtful touch, try and find out what each woman’s favorite flower and/or colors are ahead of time so you can have a local florist craft the perfect bouquet for each.

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