Think Your Proposal Will Be Caught on Camera? Here's How to Prepare

With surprise proposal photos on the rise, it never hurts to plan ahead.

Have a hunch your partner’s about to propose? There’s a good chance the moment will be caught on camera. And while your love is picture-perfect on its own, we don’t blame you if you want to plan ahead—everyone will want to see your proposal photos, after all. Whether you’re set on scoring the perfect Instagram selfie or think your future fiancé might have hired a proposal photographer, these tips will help you feel totally prepared when the question gets popped.

Sarah in Prague for Flytographer

Consider different scenarios.

With surprise proposal photo shoots on the rise thanks to companies like Flytographer, it’s not unreasonable to think you might be snapped saying “yes.” Even if your partner hasn’t commissioned a proposal photographer, there might be other onlookers ready to snap you two in action. Sometimes friends and family members are invited to witness the engagement; sometimes strangers take it upon themselves to capture public proposals. So, whether you think you’re getting engaged on vacation, at a party or on the street, you could realistically be photographed from any angle. What does that mean? Whatever you make of it—like we said, your love is what matters most, and it’s the thing that’ll really shine in photos. But you may choose to pay extra attention to your look—from your hairdo to your shoes—just in case.

On the other hand, maybe you’re expecting a private proposal, à la Meghan Markle and Prince Harry roasting chicken at home. Even if there won’t be someone else taking your picture, you’ll probably want to document the event yourselves. In most cases, this takes the form of impromptu selfies. Your full outfit may not be visible, but your face and your hands likely will be. If you love makeup and manicures, go forth and glam up. If you’re more into a bare face and bare nails, that’s also totally okay.

Other factors that may impact your look? The time of day (will the flash be on or will you be basking in natural light?) and the weather (do you want to avoid sweating or shivering?).

Schedule some appointments.

If you want to do some primping beforehand, make any appointments ASAP. Now’s the perfect time to book that haircut you’ve been putting off, hit the nail salon with a friend (to gossip about the impending proposal, of course) or even the spa for a little extra glow.

Get your chores done.

Going on a couple’s trip? Pack thoughtfully. Is all your favorite clothing dirty? Run a load (or two) of laundry. Think you’ll be taking proposal photos at home? Consider tidying up to prevent a stray pair of underwear appearing in them. (Though honestly, that would be hilarious if it captures your relationship perfectly.) Whatever the case, you get the gist: Buy or prep whatever you need to feel your best in proposal pictures.

Don’t overthink it.

You can’t always predict the when and where—that’s the beauty of a surprise engagement. At the end of the day, your joy (and shock) will make your proposal pictures priceless. So be yourself, live in the moment and know that your photos are, first and foremost, for you and your soon-to-be fiancé. (But if you do care about the Insta likes—we get it—it’s a proposal photographer’s job to take share-worthy images. Trust the process.)

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