How to Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want

It’s a ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life: your engagement ring. A piece of jewelry that signals to the world “I’m taken” and symbolizes the love and commitment you’ve made to your guy. You want it to be perfect (we totally get it!). But getting the ring you really want is a subject best approached with tact and restraint. Help make his search easier, without coming off crazy or paranoid, and consider one of these not-so-subtle methods for securing your dream engagement ring!

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Use pictures

Find clever ways to show him photos of the style, setting and cut you like. Remember: guys need visual hints. Start by commenting on a friend’s recent Instagram of her engagement ring or pointing out pictures of rings you like while perusing a magazine or the Internet. Don’t forget to casually mention what you like about them, oh, and play it cool. If you’re looking for a more bold approach, you could leave your laptop open to your “dream ring” Pinterest board or, better yet, just send him the link (we guarantee he’ll get the message!). Keep in mind though that this tactic only works if you’ve discussed getting engaged and plan to do so. Showing him pictures before he’s ready to buy a ring, both mentally and financially, could make him feel super uncomfortable and hesitant to shop.

Shop together

Plan a date to go to a local jewelry store to look at rings together. This doesn’t mean he has to purchase anything on the spot, but it gives you an opportunity to show him what you’re drawn to (maybe even see for yourself for the first time) and a chance for him to confirm your ring size. Consider it “window shopping.” You want something that suits your style and he’ll love getting some direction for when the time comes to buy.

Enlist a friend

Trust a friend or family member who knows your style to ensure he has the right idea. Provide her pictures of all your favorite rings and be specific when you tell her exactly what it is about each ring that you like or dislike. When he seems to be taking a sudden interest in all your jewelry or starts hunting for ring hints, you’ll be able to confidently direct him to your BFF who can guide him in the ring shopping process. Tip: If your guy isn’t comfortable getting help from a friend, don’t pressure him. Friends and family can be intimidating. Be prepared to test the picture method mentioned above.

Design it together

Research rings you like and decide what is it that you love most about them. The cut? The color? Then make sure your guy knows you want a custom ring before he proposes. Develop some ideas together and think of creating a custom ring as a fun activity for you to do as a couple before getting engaged. Collaborate on the design and take in to consideration his feelings, thoughts and ideas then commission the ring together. Even after it’s finished there could still be some element of surprise because you won’t know what the final product looks like or when he’ll actually propose.

Keep it a surprise

Tell him that you leave the ball in his court when it comes to the proposal AND the ring. Let him know that you love his tastes and trust that he’ll choose something totally gorgeous. Be patient and know that planning the perfect proposal takes time, but just in case you start to fret, feel free to casually mention your favorite style, cut and setting.

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