How She Asked: Wanda and Lauren


August 26, 2012…A hot summer night in NYC and the place to be…La Marina. Wanda and her friend Piero, embarked on their Sunday routine got their usual table and met some friends. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Lauren and her best friend Jonathan decided to head uptown to grab some drinks. They were enjoying the summer night until Jonathan recognized someone he knew. Unbeknownst to Lauren, Jonathan and Wanda had been friends and even lived together some years ago, but it had been years since they had seen each other. When Jonathan saw Wanda, they shared a tight hug and their smiles were from ear to ear. Lauren, who was standing off to the side during this embrace, noticed Wanda immediately. Actually, she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Long black curly hair, beautiful big eyes and a smile that, until this day, she can’t get off of her mind. Jonathan introduced Lauren to Wanda and they shared a smile and a handshake, but the night escaped them as many NYC encounters do. For weeks, Lauren could not get Wanda off of her mind, but what Lauren didn’t know, is Wanda couldn’t get Lauren off her mind either.

It was exactly one year later, when Lauren received a message on Instagram. When she looked at the handle on the account, she noticed it had “wanda” in the title. Lauren hoped it was that beautiful girl she met at La Marina almost 365 days ago and luckily for her…it was. Lauren invited Wanda on a date to her favorite restaurant in the meatpacking district on NYC and Wanda accepted. Lauren was so nervous, she was hoping she had found the one and guess what ….she did. Their first date was September 27, 2013, which lasted until 5pm the next day and from then on they were hooked.

After countless dates of getting to know one another, Lauren and Wanda were quickly falling in love. So now it was time to meet the most important person in Wanda’s life, her beautiful daughter Wandalys. Wandalys, was as sweet, funny, charming and charismatic as her mother and Lauren instantly was attached to her.


The rest of the first year was spent getting to know one another, traveling, eating and drinking, laughing, loving and most importantly smiling. Lauren knew very quickly that Wanda was THE ONE!

With their one-year anniversary fast approaching, Lauren called her mother and said “Mom…I’m going to propose to Wanda.” She decided to compile a book of all of the pictures from their year together and on the last page, she wrote their favorite quote “One Day Someone Will Walk Into Your Life And Make You Realize Why It Never Worked Out With Anyone Else.” Then Lauren wrote, “Thank You For Being That Someone, but now I have one more question…..” Once the book was complete, Lauren called her jeweler to get a custom ring made for her baby.

So now it is, September 26, 2014, almost one year later from their first date. Lauren told Wanda and Wandalys she had a special surprise to celebrate their year together – she had hired Wanda’s favorite photographer to do a professional family photoshoot. She told the girls to spend the day at the salon and that they were going to meet the photographer at the Top of the Rock at 5pm. They hopped in a cab and off they went, all dressed in their best and looking fab. The photographer met them on the rooftop of the Top Of the Rock and the photo shoot began.


About 45 minutes into the shoot, Lauren told Wanda she had a gift for her. Wanda sat on a bench on the northside of the roof and Lauren gave her the anniversary book she had made. Wanda was touched. As she read through the book, Wandalys helped Lauren sneak the ring into her pocket so that when Wanda got to the last page, Lauren could pop the question. As the last page approached, Lauren’s heart was beating fast and when Wanda turned to the quote, Lauren was on her knee.














Wanda was absolutely speechless and all she wanted to do was hug Lauren. After the crying and overall shock subsided, Wanda said YES!!!!. Now this is where it gets good…in all of their excitement, Lauren put the ring on the wrong finger!!!! LOL!!!!! It was quickly pointed out and changed and Lauren and Wanda hugged for what seemed to be an eternity. IT was the perfect night, but the surprise was not over.

Although Wandalys, was Lauren’s confidant throughout the proposal, Lauren had a big surprise for Wandalys – Lauren, again, got down on her knee and asked Wandalys to be her daughter and Wandalys excitedly accepted.





True to their favorite quote, Lauren and Wanda had found that someone that made them realize why it never worked with anyone else. They had found each other. They had found true love.



Photos by: Elkin Cardona