How She Asked: Nikki and Meredith

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On May 30th, Meredith and I were with my family for our annual family vacation in Chicago. I was really excited to show her around the city, show her where my parents grew up, and where I spent a lot of my holidays as a kid. Before we started the day with our planned brunch that Saturday morning, I had my step dad make a surprise pit stop to show us the beautiful gardens in Fabyan Park on the way to brunch with the family… little did Meredith know, something big was about to happen. My mom, step dad, Meredith, and I walked towards the beautiful garden and bridge at Fabyan Park and just moments later Meredith knew this was going to be a special moment. As we approached the garden, she burst into happy tears when she saw her best friend and her boyfriend, my sisters, my brother in law, my parents, Meredith’s parents on face time, and Meredith’s other best friend on face time – she was so surprised! I took Meredith on the bridge and each pair had a sign with a specific date and significance – the first one said February 4, 2014 it all started; then April 6, 2014 those 3 little words, I love you; then July 1, 2014 we moved in together; and lastly May 30, 2015, a day you’ll never forget. Once everyone finished their part with their signs in this surprise proposal, Meredith and I were able to share an intimate moment expressing our love for one another.

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As tears of joy were rolling down each of our faces, I asked if she would spend the rest of her life with me and she said yes! It was a day and moment we will always look back to and remember – it was beautiful!

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