How I Fell In Love with Target's Wedding Registry

pic03Being recently engaged, I obviously think about wedding planning 4-6 times a day, if not more. To be honest, however, I actively avoided thinking about the whole registry process.

Something about it was so intimidating to me – where do we register, how many places do we have to register, do we really need that fine of tableware?!

Then I was invited to Target’s wedding registry event in New York City and my whole life turned upside down.

I’m sure you’re with me here when I say I get EVERYTHING from Target – tons of decor things, polka-dot socks, conditioning treatments, goldfish, bright-colored towels, lamps, and most recently, my blender.

So when all these things and more (sorry, the goldfish snacks were actually not there), were at the event, it made perfect sense why Target would be the savior to my fears.

First, I’ll tell you a little more about the event and then share the top 5 things I put on my own love list while I was there. (If you’re already convinced, however, feel free to skip the below and start building your perfect registry at

target wedding event

The event: Target styled every room in a crazy amazing home in Manhattan’s West Village and had events going on in each one. Every item in the apartment was from Target – from the rugs to the soap dispensers, the wall art to the pots, pans, and adorable mugs. I was one of 75+ engaged girls (and boys!) touring the place in and out and going gaga over it all. I almost couldn’t believe it. I wanted that home to be mine, exactly how Target designed it.

During the event, we all used the new Target Registry app (it lets you register straight from your phone) or the in-store devices they had to scan the items we loved into our registries. It was easy beyond words and a blast. Now on to my top 5…

1. Bar cart – This is something I’ve wanted for a while. I’m big on displaying things like pictures, travel trinkets, and so forth, so when the bar cart started becoming popular I got excited to display all my booze (and my fiance’s pretty whiskey glasses) on one. Target’s bar cart is simple and elegant, and just my style – I’ll take it!

IMG_3366 (2)

2. Towels – Call me crazy, but I’m really into towels. Target has such a modern collection with a wide range of colors and designs. Naturally, I fell in love when I saw them all in the bathroom. (Also – a set of towels is a great price point for your guests)

target towels wedding registry

3. Candles, vases, and table-top decor – I’m a sucker for knick knacks and they end up cluttering my entire apartment. When I saw some of the table-top items Target displayed, I started envisioning a less crowded nightstand next to my bed and a cuter desk. A lot of their items can actually help organize your space and do it with style (book ends, pen/pencil holders, etc).

Target Styled Home in New York

4. Tent – You won’t believe me (but you will believe the picture below) when I say there was a tent on the back deck of this apartment. Here I was inside this super feng shui place and all I could focus on was hopping inside the tent outback. We think of household items for our registry all the time, but what about adding stuff that would mean adventures for you and your future hub?!


5. Crock-Pot – What’s a registry without kitchen appliances?! I’ll admit I should already have a crock-pot in my life, but when I saw it inside this home, I immediately snagged it for my registry.


I could go on (and I actually might since I’m going to another event in Austin for Target) about how perfect my evening was. The convenience of the app and the huge selection of amazingly valued items turned my nerves into excitement about registering for this wedding of mine. Join me in starting your own registry at!

You can also connect with Target at, @Target on Twitter and


The event and this post was sponsored by Target! I loved every minute of it.