This Guy Made a Rap Video to "Hotline Bling" to Propose to his Girlfriend

How we met

We are from the same city (San Jose, CA) but never really knew each other growing up. We both moved to the Big Apple to follow our dreams and on one random night we crossed paths at a mutual friends get together. We became casual friends talking every now on then on chat…until the first night we ever hung out (officially). The first night we ever hung out we were supposed to hang out with more mutual friends but fatefully everyone couldn’t make it and we ended up having dinner ourselves – that night it was just a seamless transition to pseudo strangers to swept away lovers.

The bar has wondrous decor; red wallpaper and red lights everywhere, but done in impeccable taste and style. The most unique feature of Le Baron would have to be the several window boxes that were lined by small red lights and housed inside the walls. Inside an illuminated red box was another smaller and more distant box, the exact replica of the box before, and multiple inward boxes lay one after the other.

Peering into these lighted boxes felt like traveling to the 5th dimension and beyond. So how more serendipitous could it have been that it was in front of one such red box, did we have our very first kiss. The kiss was elegantly beautiful, yet so natural, and it all happened in such mutually perfect timing and synchrony. The moment was synonymous with the illusion itself–we were at the beginning of a path in which we were heading somewhere magical together, on an unknown journey into the future–our future.

how they asked

In the beginning of our relationship, Judy told me a story about bunnies. It is the well-known, real-life tale of bonded bunnies. Anyone who ever had a a pair of bunnies as pets can tell you: once a pair of bunnies are bonded, they are bonded for life. If one of the bunnies die, the other bunny falls into depression, refuses food, and soon follows suit. In essence, bonded bunnies cannot be without one another and would literally die without their other half.

We view ourselves as a bonded pair of bunnies. And for the longest time in our history together, we love having exchanges of Voltron lingo from the children’s show, “Voltron: Defender of the Universe”! This led to the conception of our beloved Bunny Voltron logo.

We were both back in San Jose to celebrate the Christmas holidays with our families when I suggested that we go shopping at the Westfield San Francisco Centre. Judy threw a big fit, and was confused as to why we couldn’t go shopping at Westfield Valley Fair, which was only minutes from our homes. After hours of persuading, we finally drove up to San Francisco, but Judy’s Fit-O-Meter was going to Orange. Even more puzzling was that we were going to the Centre when it was about to close in 30 minutes! Because of this, Judy threw another fit and judging by Judy’s Fit-O-Meter getting steamed, he knew he was in boiling water. He started to frantically try to smooth the situation, but Judy was almost at Code Red. I was almost ready to abort the mission but looked at Judy, and like always, she was encouraging no matter what, her true colors through the fiery rage motivated I to just keep going no matter the scenario.

I took a deep breath and led Judy up the escalator to the magical dome, which was surrounded by several restaurants in the Centre. Barry, one of my best friends, was already at the Centre with his wife, Nancy, setting up the large-screen projection of my proposal music video to Judy.

Unbeknownst to me, the surrounding restaurants were not closed when the Centre closed, and the Centre had announced that a proposal was in-the-works. When we arrived on the dome floor at the top of the escalator, the larger-than-life projection screen had already been set up with a Nutcracker inspired photo displayed, and Judy literally said, “Is this for us?” I then led her to the dome, and showed her the dome.

The moment was surreal. Judy was bewildered, and I was nervous as hell. I led Judy to a lounge bench, got in position next to the projection screen, and soon, the music video began. It was the most hilarious video Judy had ever seen, and who could forget the epic diamonds-falling-out-of-the-sky backdrop? Despite the fact that random people were filming the scene with their phones, we were still in a world of our own. I danced around in front of the screen, and watched Judy laugh uncontrollably.

the video

After the epic SEE THAT RING world music video premiere was over, our song “Somewhere Only We Know” began to play. I walked over to Judy, and got down on one knee. I explained to Judy about how I felt about her, what she meant to me, and told her how I loved her.

Then with tears in my eyes, I asked: “Will you marry me?” Judy said “Yes!” I felt a lightning bolt wave of happiness jolt through me. Then realizing the reality of the situation, I finally pulled out the square grey box from my front jean pocket, and flipped it open. In it sat the most beautiful diamond ring Judy had ever seen. It was so startling beautiful that she could only stare at it for a few seconds at a time!

The legend says, that a nutcracker represents power and strength and is a fierce protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to any outside evil – something I eternally promised to Judy when I proposed!