Hot Air Balloon Proposal


How We Met: On March 12th 2005, Greg & I attended a wedding separately – it was the wedding of Greg’s best friend James and my cousin Suzanne. Greg had brought a date with him and so had I. At the ceremony Greg noticed a beautiful girl wearing a red dress, it was me. Greg says the spark was ignited for him the first moment he saw me at the ceremony. Prior to the wedding Greg had heard about me through James and the family events he had seen me at.

A few months after the wedding James told Greg that my boyfriend and I had broken up. Shortly after Greg telephoned my mother, Cathie and asked her if it was OK for him to date me,he said he wanted to do all these wonderful things with me including taking me on a hot air balloon ride. Cathie gave Greg her blessing and also my number. A few days later Greg worked up the courage to call me to ask me out on a date. I was at the Gold Coast Indy in 2005 enjoying a few drinks when I received a phone call one evening from an unknown number. I answered and it was a guy by the name of Greg. He asked me out and I said yes. We dated for a month or so then Greg wanted to make it official so one night early in December 2005 we were at a party and the song “Listen to Your Heart” came on. Greg asked me to listen carefully to the lyrics of the song which said “listen to your heart when he’s calling for you, listen to your heart there’s nothing else you can do”. He then asked if I would be his girlfriend to which I replied yes.

how they asked: On 14 November 2012 Greg organized a hot air balloon ride in the Gold Coast Hinterland through Hot Air Balloon. He thought after 7.5 years he should come good on his promise of taking me on a hot air balloon ride. Greg blindfolded me in the car so I wouldn’t know where we were going. We were transferred into a mini bus which dropped us off in a large paddock.



Still blindfolded Greg walked me out into the paddock then stopped me,removed my blindfold to reveal him on one knee in front of a hot air balloon where he asked me to marry him to which I ecstatically said yes. Greg had arranged a photographer that he knew I had wanted for the day we got married to secretly be there to capture his proposal. We then went on a hot air balloon ride where there was a solar eclipse,it was an incredible experience. After the hot air balloon ride we enjoyed a champagne breakfast at O’Reillys Winery at Canungra.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal
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Photos by Corné & Lara Photography