Anna and Adam's Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

IMG_3335 How we met: We honestly have the best stories. Just over a year ago, one of my best friends and I entered to be cast as extras in the Imagine Dragons’ music video for on top of the world. We spent hours working on our pictures of ourselves in our best sixties outfits to send in. Adam always jokes that this was just a screening for all of the prettiest girls in Provo. Anyways, I ended up wearing this blue and brown plaid dress and I was feeling pretty excited and super confident. At the studio, the producers handpicked those who they thought looked the best to stand in the front of the shot. I was obviously one of the few chosen and as I stood up to walk over, that’s when Adam spotted me. He noticed that my dress and his shirt were almost identical and felt that he deserved to stand in the front too. He walked up to me and the first thing he said was “hey we match, I think that means we are supposed to stand next to each other in the video.” Kind of cheesy I know, but I fell for it. We then took a super cool picture and I gave him my number to send it to me. He didn’t even have my name yet!

We spent the rest of the night strategically getting in the front of the shots and convincing other extras that we were actually married and matched on purpose. We had so much fun that night that we just never stopped spending time together. Every time that I think about this story I just have to laugh to myself. We both thought we were way too cool for the other and somehow it worked out.

how they asked: Anyways, the story of how we met is critical to our engagement story. We had been talking about getting married for a long time and I was very patient (as patient as I could be while waiting anxiously to plan my dream wedding). I told him that my number one requirement was that it had to be a surprise and he totally pulled it off. My dad and sister were in town visiting to tour colleges and Adam had been singing that song “Rude” and hinting that he was going to ask my dad on Saturday. My family was staying in our house in Park City and I drove up late Friday night to spend time with them.

When I walked into my room, I was excited to see and brand new outfit laying on my bed. My mom came in and started videoing me finding a Tiffany box in the pocket of the coat on the bed. I opened it to find a bottle of nail polish and a note telling me to be at the Park City Hotel at 7am the next morning. The nail polish and outfit along with a variety of other things stolen from my apartment, were there to make sure that I looked my best. I’m kind of obsessed with nail polish and I teased Adam by asking him how he would make sure my nails were manicured for the ring pictures. He knows me too well.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

The next morning, I met Adam at the hotel and he surprised me with a box of my favorite chocolate donuts and a Hot Air Balloon ride! We were accompanied by two journalists who were doing a piece on aviation so it was a little awakward, but exciting nonetheless.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

At the highest point on the ride, our song: On Top of the World started playing out of the journalist’s backpack. Adam got down and pulled out my red Valentino shoes I ordered months earlier for our wedding, and on the bottom it said, “Marry Me?”

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I obviously said yes and we conveniently had it all filmed by the “journalist” friends Adam had tag along. He had it so well planned and when we came down my family was there with a cute little brunch set it up.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

It was so special! I am so lucky to get to marry the most amazing man.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

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Hot Air Balloon Proposal Video

photographer/videographer: catchlight | designer: Haylie corbett | hot air balloon: Morning star balloons