Hosea and Ngoc

Image 1 of Hosea and Ngoc

How We Met

Coincidentally Ngoc and I first met when we were toddlers. My mother was her babysitter for a short period of time. We then reconnected when a friend of mine invited her to our Bible study.

How They Asked

The theme of my proposal was influenced by a joke Ngoc said. We loved going to the beach walks and to play catch. Years prior to our engagement, she jokingly said if I ever decide to propose to her, it should be at the beach so she can say “Shore.” With that joke I kept it to mine the entire time. So on the day of our engagement my sister from Minnesota was in town and we told Ngoc that we we’re going to have lunch at the beach since my sister loves seafood. I took a separate car and set up underneath Manhattan Beach pier while my sister and Ngoc we’re getting ready for a nice fancy dinner. They then took a walk on the sand and that was where they saw the Tent I erected. Also the centerpiece underneath the tent were white Birkenstocks. Ngoc also shared that she wanted to wear white Birkenstocks for our wedding.