Hope and Wyatt

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It was Sunday morning and I was at work until noon then I had no plans the rest of the day little did I know that it would be the best day ever! I work at a small owned coffee stand in Spokane Wa and my day was about an hour from over when my then boyfriend, Wyatt cane through my drive through. I was shocked to see him cause we had no plans for the day and he lives 30-minutes away from the stand so why would he come through? I was asking him what his plans were when he told me to try and get off early cause he wanted me to come home so we could hang out with Weston (our golden retriever)!

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I went home only to find a lunch to go ready an outfit laying out and was told I had 10 minutes to get ready! I quickly changed then we headed out, I had no idea what the day held so I constantly asked what we were doing with zero answers given. Our first stop was our favorite place to get pedicures and mimosas, we then continued our day at a paint and drink class and to end we headed out to couer d’alene Idaho for dinner.

We had the greatest dinner and after Wyatt said he wanted to take a walk… in the rain. He got out a blanket and umbrella from his car and we took a walk, we walked all over the park when he said “let’s go out to the place I asked you out” it was a bit of a hike but we made it. There was a photographer taking pictures of the lake and it felt like a movie we enjoyed the view for a moment then Wyatt uncovered a present that was sitting out there. I immediately started tearing up at the thought!

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I unwrapped it to find a handmade scrapbook from the first day we ever saw eachother to every moment in between! When I flipped the last page I find three empty photo spaces with the words “let’s do life together. Will you marry me?” Without even giving him time I say yes and we both start crying. The photographer I thought was taking pictures of the lake was taking secret photos of us and when everything was said and done he still had one more surprise. We walked into the restaurant nearby to find my whole family and well as his own ready to celebrate. Wyatt thought of everything and it couldn’t be more of a fairytale ending.

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Special Thanks

Chris Thompson
 | Photographer