Hope and Morgan

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How We Met

The first time Morgan and I met was in the elevator in the student housing complex we both lived in in our first years of college. When Morgan entered the elevator with his three roommates to join me and my roommates, he was the first I noticed. We all struck up a natural conversation about Morgan’s tattoo, but went separate ways as we went to our different floors. The three of us girls giggled about how cute the boys were, and went on our merry way. Come to find out later, Morgan looked at his roommates and said “I have to find her again,” and had been seeking me out ever since.

A couple of weeks later after a night with friends, my roommates and I were heading back to our apartment to play card games. I saw Morgan and his roommates in the elevator on the way up, and invited them to come play games with us. Morgan ended up being the only one of his roommates to come join the games and he was (of course) the center of attention, showing everyone magic card tricks and laughing with his contagious laugh. While I was trying my best to figure out Morgan’s card magic, someone else was asking me for my number. I kindly said, “No, thanks,” to the other guy, looked at Morgan and said, “I think you want my number too…” We exchanged numbers, went for pizza on a rainy Friday the 13th, and the rest is history.

how they asked

I was beyond excited to be going on vacation to the Grand Cayman Islands with our close couple friends. Morgan had been talking about marriage a lot in the months leading up to the trip and I thought it would be AWESOME if we got engaged on the beach, but I wasn’t expecting it. On the first morning we were there, the guys went to play tennis while us girls went for a run on the beach and relaxed. When the guys came back, Morgan really wanted to go on a walk to see if we could spot where they had seen a turtle the night before. I did not want to go on a walk and tried to explain that the beach was short and there was nothing to see, I had seen it already that morning anyway! Morgan kept trying to convince me when I looked over at my friends to see them with huge smiles on their faces. I thought that was weird how happy they were to go on a walk on such a small beach, but I got up to go anyway. We started walking and Morgan bent down to pick up a beautiful conch shell on the beach, he handed it to me to look at and I saw the most beautiful ring I have ever seen inside the shell. That’s when he got down on his bad knee and asked me to “make him the happiest man alive and be his wife”. I ugly cried and tackled him in the sand… I think he took that as a “yes”.

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