Hope and Logan

how we met

Honesty, I wish this was some crazy hallmark story but we went to middle school and high school together. We had Science together in eighth grade and World Geography in 9th grade. Freshman year was when we really started to talk.

how they asked

Logan had been planning this since November 2018. He bought the ring three weeks prior. Today, April 12, 2019, was the day. Logan had organized to have Shelby from ShelbyHallImages take our pictures as my gift for our three year anniversary. We decided we wanted to take our pictures at the Tribute. I invited him to my swim banquet my junior year of high school and we had our first kiss on the roof. We still talk about that night so it just seemed perfect.We walked around and took pictures around the building. Little did I know that my mom and Logan’s mom were scattering rose petals on the sidewalk. We had taken all the photos in the spots that Shelby picked except for one. We made our way down the side walk and I noticed the rose petals. I looked at Logan suspiciously and right on cue Shelby goes “Those were probably from the wedding earlier.” I agreed and we carried on. Shelby lined up the shot so we danced while we waited. When she got ready she took a couple shots of us facing towards her holding hands. Shelby asked, “Okay now you two face each other,” and then Logan shoved his hand in his breast pocket of his jacket. Almost instantly, I started to sob. I could hardly hear what he said to me because of how loud I was crying but he later told me: “I made a promise to you a year ago that I would replace that promise ring with a real one and today is when I’ll make that forever promise. Will you marry me?” If I had the chance to breathe, I would’ve told him duh but I think the tears of joy said enough. Once he placed the ring on my finger, he started to laugh. He told me to turn around and conveniently my mom and now mother-in-law were parked directly behind me and saw the whole thing. We finally got in the car and left to go to our “surprise” engagement party where I cried some more and enjoyed the good new with our closest friends and family.


Special Thanks

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