Hope and Kolby

How We Met

Kolby and I went to high school together; however, we did not begin dating until right after we graduated in 2010. Before we began dating, we were best friends for about 7-8 months. I realized very quickly that we connected on a level much deeper than I had ever experienced. I felt like I could tell him anything in the world and he would listen and give in-depth thoughts. He has such a loving heart! After graduating high school and finally becoming a couple, we began college. I went to a university about 30 minutes from our hometown and he stayed home and attended a local college there. After he earned his associates degree, he joined me at UCA where we both graduated with our bachelor degrees. After graduating from college in 2014, we really began discussing taking the next step together. Of course, we would have married each other right then and there, but God had another plan for us. I was accepted into a Master’s program in Louisiana in 2015. I moved to LA for two years to obtain my degree. It was difficult to leave Kolby, of course, but our relationship was so strong and he encouraged me everyday to push through that hard time and chase my dreams! He was and is my biggest fan. After graduating in May of this year, I moved back home to AR. It was so great to finally be back home (for good) so we could begin our next chapter in life together.

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how they asked

It was Halloween weekend when Kolby proposed. Me, being the Halloween enthusiast that I am, decided that I wanted to dress as Beauty and the Beast this year. I found the perfect costume for myself, but realized quickly that Kolby did not want to dress up as the Beast. After some convincing (and assurance that we would win some costume contests), Kolby decided he would do it. That is when he came up with the proposal plan. He got my mom in on the plan and she helped him out a lot. After getting into our costumes that night, we went outside to take some pictures before heading out to the Halloween parties. There were several close friends there, too, that were also dressed up. We all took pictures together and then Kolby pulled me aside to “get one more good picture”. When he grabbed my hand and said my name I knew something was about to happen. There he was in his beast mask and costume down on one knee. It was the sweetest, most creative fairytale proposal and I will never forget it!

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