Hope and Kenneth

How We Met

It all began senior year of high school in a Film Literature class. I sat behind you, and we would talk everyday. That of course was not the first time I noticed you, but it was the first time I really got to know the guy behind that nerdy, football player facade. At that time, we were just friends, little did I know a few years later you would be my sole mate. Fast forward to Sophomore year of college, Kenny transferred to my school, Baldwin Wallace University. Kenny was studying middle childhood education, and I was a biology major with goals to become a Physician Assistant. I was a cheerleader and a member Delta Zeta Sorority. On campus, we ran into each other in the rec center and exchanged numbers, so I could show him around and introduce him to other students. One night, he asked “will you introduce me to a hot cheerleader”, I said “of course, I know plenty”. After taking him to a party, there were instant sparks between us. Not soon later, at midnight on Christmas Eve, he officially asked me to be his girl friend. From there, it was close to 5 years of true love, before he asked me to marry him.

how they asked

In the words from our photographer:

My story with Ken and Hope started in August of this year. I received a voicemail from Ken saying that he wanted to talk to me about a surprise engagement session with his girlfriend (in December). I called him back right away because the thought of this was so exciting… except we literally played phone tag 5 different times. When we finally got connected and we began talking for a few minutes, I knew this guy wasn’t messing around. This engagement was going to be perfect and he would stop at no ends to make sure of it. He asked if we could meet to talk about his plan and ironically enough, I was going to be at his school for a completely different work related training, so I met him in his classroom after. He took out a piece of paper and took notes, which was completely adorable and I wished that Hope could see this taking place and thought about how it would make her smile. During this time he told me their story… they met in high school, went to BW together and have been dating for five years. After their one year anniversary, they got pictures taken together and Hope had been wanting to do more for a while. This is exactly how he was going to get her there. He was finally going to give in and get pictures taken again for their 5 year anniversary. But there was more to this than that, something so much more thoughtful behind this plan. He knew that Hope would want to be ready, makeup and hair done, outfits chosen, nails done, etc… just one more reason I knew that he wants nothing more than for her to be happy. On the day of the session he showed up with a bag of props, even thought to bring batteries for the light up ornaments. The entire time the plan was for him to propose at the indoor location he rented because she would be in her formal dress. But then as we were standing near the falls, he looked at me and mouthed, I’m going to do it now. That was my cue to execute his plan perfectly. So just like he envisioned, I told Hope that I wanted to try something new and had her turn around with her back facing him looking in the opposite direction. The whole time he was getting ready and on one knee behind her. Then I said I didn’t like the lighting and it wasn’t going to work, so I told her to turn back around. When she did, she stood there was a few seconds looking at me, not realizing that Ken was in position… until she saw it. I couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, but whatever it was it was heartfelt, because the tears started flowing. After she said yes, of course, there was so much laughter, and joy radiating from the two of them. I always love this part… he finally gets to tell her everything he’s been doing behind the scenes and she is shocked that she never caught on. The ring was in the backpack she was carrying earlier in the day, he met with her parents secretly to ask their permission, he and I had been in contact since August and I already knew everything about them, etc… We spent the next hour and a half traveling to the most beautiful Christmas decorated locations, because he knew that’s exactly what she would want. I don’t think the smile left their faces for the rest of the night and it was so nice to be around them and feel that happiness right along with them. After we were done, they drove off to meet their families and celebrate. He had already made reservations months in advance so they could all be there. Like I said, he thought of everything and if there is anyone out there that is planning to propose soon, call Ken… he can help you come up with the perfect plan. I am positive the soon to be Murphys will have nothing but a life full of happiness and blessings and I couldn’t be happier for them! Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

Special Thanks

Sarah Fischer
 | Photographer