Hope and James


How We Met

So this is our love story: We met by accident one open gym Wednesday night. Long story short, it was his team against my team and he ended up stealing the ball from me. I tried to stop him as he tried to score the game winning basket and I ended up tackling him and he landed on top of me. I had an hour ride home after open gym, and I was thinking to myself the whole way home that that 6 foot tall, brown haired, hazel eyed boy who fell on me was going to be the one I was going to marry. “When you know, you just know”. All my friends thought I was crazy for being a 16 year old junior in high school and knowing who I was going to marry… But what do you know 7 months later we are dating. A year later I graduated high school and was getting ready to head off to college. I was a real good runner so I had a couple scholarships to go run for schools far away from home but instead I decided to go to a local college, that was close to my brown haired cute boyfriend, for a couple years…

how they asked

Falling deeper and deeper in love throughout those 3 years it was getting close to graduation time again. It wasn’t until after the class of 2016 and I graduated and was meeting in the school cafeteria for some punch and cake for celebration when my boyfriend became my fiancé. I thought the highlight of the night was going to be graduation top of my class with honors, but it in fact wasn’t.. In-front of my best friend from high school, my family and all of my friends I was told to cut my graduation cake. It was when I was taking off the graduation cap on the cake when I realized why everyone was looking at me. There underneath the cap was a ring. As I turned around looking for my boyfriend I saw him there on one knee. My dad was already camera ready and was recording. The promises he made and the words that he said to me are forever in my heart. I knew 3 years 7 months and 14 days ago he was the one. From highschool sweethearts to a madly in love couple all within 1,323 days.


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