Holly and Zack

How We Met

Zack and I are high school sweethearts! It all started when we both attended Saint Francis High School in Mountain View, CA. At lunch one day during our Junior year, Zack saw me across the quad and said to his friend “See that girl Holly? I’d love to date her one day.” Little did I know, he would soon get his wish.

On his 17th birthday, I posted a simple “Happy Birthday” on his Facebook wall and he responded immediately. We talked for days, posting back and forth (publicly, because direct messages weren’t a thing quite yet).

A few weeks later was our annual Sadie Hawkins dance, which is the one dance where the girls ask the guys. I knew I wanted to ask Zack and came up with a great plan. Zack played varsity soccer at Saint Francis, so I bought a bright pink soccer ball and wrote “Sadies?” on it. After school one day, I threw it at him. Despite being slightly frightened, he said yes without hesitation. Sadies was a success and before the night was over, Zack asked me to be his girlfriend. The rest was history.

Holly and Zack's Engagement in Marin County, California

After graduation, Zack went to UC Berkeley, and I went to UC Davis. We decided to stay together and visited each other a couple times a month. After all, the campuses were just an hour apart. It wasn’t always easy, but it was definitely worth it.

A year after of college, we decided to move in together. We found a barely affordable, but extremely adorable apartment in San Francisco and have lived here ever since.

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Holly's Proposal in Marin County, California

how they asked

Zack planned a weekend getaway for the two of us in Napa Valley. He knew I would catch on if he said he planned it, so he had my best friend Clare invite us to a fake Napa trip with a group of her friends we didn’t know that well. On the way there, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and Zack suggested we stop at a cool viewpoint he had heard about. A “quick 10 minute walk” was really more like a very steep 20 minute hike, but the view at the top was incredible. We were the only ones there. The clouds were rolling over the bridge, and the sun peaked through providing a perfect city backdrop. Zack told me he had a question for me, but that he was really nervous. Almost as nervous as the time he asked me to be his girlfriend. He got down on one knee, at which point I was so overwhelmed I barely remember what happened next. Little did I know, my sister had been hiding in the bushes the whole time capturing the moment. She ran out with her camera to congratulate us and took some more beautiful photos. Afterwards, we headed up to Napa where we had a relaxing and romantic weekend drinking wine and hanging by the pool.

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Special Thanks

Audrey DeNeffe
 | Photographer
Clare Raczkowski
 | Planning