Holly and Zack

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How We Met

jWe met in October of 2014. My brother had been wanting us to meet for quite sometime but he was in a relationship. Our family had been in n Vegas the night before for a wedding, so you can imagine what I looked like on the way home. (Tired with wedding make up smeared everywhere). My brother called and wanted my mom, who I was driving home with, to bring his sunglasses that he left in her car by his house. His wife, who was unaware we were coming over, said you guys should come over, Zack is here (and no longer in a relationship). We were about 3 minutes away from their house by the time she called. I freaked out, opened my suitcase, found an outfit, brushed my hair, and fixed my make up. We arrived at my brothers and Zack and I met in their garage. And then our first date was 2 days later, and we were inseparable ever since.

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how they asked

Zack and I had went ring shopping back in April, and I knew he bought the ring we both loved a couple days later. I knew the day he brought it home and placed it in the safe. It was torture every day since. Every time we would do something fun or go somewhere nice, I would think to myself, this could be it! Zack called me nonchalantly on Friday, and told me he traded some work for a helicopter ride up in Big Bear the next day and their only opening was at 10. I told my work friends, and they told me to make sure I paint my nails, because this is definitely when he was going to ask. I went to bed with unpainted nails, because he down played the ride so much and it had already been 3 months since he bought the ring, so why now, and how would he get on one knee in a helicopter?! So we arrived at the Big Bear airport at 0945, filled out paperwork, and got on the helicopter with our pilot. Zack is from Lake Arrowhead and owns a piece of property there that is an acre and empty. He and the pilot were talking about the lot and the pilot said “Well let’s go take a look at it before our tour”. As were approaching the lot, I see some sort of advertisement on it and thought that it was super weird that someone put big letters on his property. We got closer and I saw the words “Marry Me?” And instant tears started falling down my face. It all happened so fast, but he said, “I know it’s been a long time coming, but what do you say, you wanna do this? You wanna marry me?” Of course I said yes. Our family was down below waving American flags as we were uniting our families. We finished our tour and met our families for lunch at the village in Lake Arrowhead. It was the most perfect day and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

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Special Thanks

Roy and Jennifer
 | Helicopter owners who helped plan