Holly and Wade

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How We Met

First comes Tinder, then comes marriage… we matched on Tinder in 2013, we never met up but stayed friends on social media for years. I would like a picture or status of his here and there and he would do the same until one day he slid into my DM’s! August 10th of 2016 was our first date and I remember thinking before I got there “he’s in a band… I’m sure he’s a total jerk, but he’s gorgeous and free food, so why not?!” I saw him and my heart started racing. That first date ended up being five hours of not stop talking and laughing and concluded with our first kiss and a text to my best friend that said “I’M GONNA MARRY HIM 😍”

How They Asked

Wade and I are both musically inclined and bonded over that early on in our relationship. He also films music videos as a side job, so we decided to record an original song and film a music video to go along with it, just for fun. So this process took a few months and we finally got to the set of the music video, a beautiful gazebo and pond/park area in old League City. We ran through quite a few takes, and then, while my back was turned away from the gazebo, he had his friends set up podiums with roses on each one and a table in the middle with a huge bouquet and a little ring box. The icing on the cake was that he changed the last lyric of the song to be “girl, will you marry me?” I was shocked and immediately started crying and of course I said yes!!! I’m so thankful to have the entire music video to cherish forever. He did an amazing job!

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