Holly and Tim

How We Met

My sister was the one who introduced us! We were at a bar with my parents after going to a Dallas Mavericks game and my sister had told me she wanted me to meet Tim. We hit it off instantly and got to know each other over a few competitive games of skee ball.  A few weeks later, Tim and I had been at the pool when he did a front flip into the water and his face slammed into the pool wall. After hours in the ER, several stitches and a CT scan, we were told he would need surgery to fix his shattered eye socket and nose. It was a traumatic experience but luckily, the surgery went well and only brought us closer together as a couple.

how they asked

We were in the Florida Keys with Tim’s family and had been out on the boat all day. I had been seasick the whole time and had to lie down when we got home. Later that afternoon, once I felt better, Tim told told me we were taking family pictures on the beach at sunset and that his mom asked us to go scout some pretty locations. Little did I know I was picking out the very place he would propose later that night!

That night while we were all getting ready, I noticed Tim was quieter than usual and there had been a few hushed conversations in the living room, but I had no idea they were making the final preparations for our special night! Once we got to the beach, we started taking couple photos and when it was mine and Tim’s turn, instead of posing together, he held both my hands and got down on one knee- I couldn’t believe what was happening!


He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and I was so shocked I could barely speak! Not only do we have beautiful pictures of the proposal, but his aunt captured the whole thing on video. Once I stopped crying and had composed myself, we called my parents to tell them the wonderful news.  Turns out everyone had known the whole time how special this vacation would be for us! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way for my now husband to ask me to be his wife :)