Holly and Tanner

How We Met

Tanner and I met when he was a senior at Alabama playing baseball and I was taking a gap year before law school.

How They Asked

It was without a doubt love at first sight. Fast forward 2 years, and my dad was diagnosed with liver cancer this past November of 2018. January is when we really understood my dad was terminal. Tanner stopped by my parents’ house after traveling for work while I was back at school just to see how he was doing (which was not out of the ordinary because Tanner is the most caring man and was quickly adopted as another son to my parents.) Come to find out the night my dad took his last breath, that day is when Tanner asked my dad for my hand in marriage.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents house!

The beginning of March is when my dad could not fight anymore and God had welcomed him with open arms. It was the most brutal, horrific 3 months of watching the strongest man suffer and it is still surreal and without a doubt the hardest, most painful thing we will ever experience. We are still in shock and will be forever. The month of May was filled with many big events, as my twin siblings turned 18, they were graduating high school, and my brother left for the Marines boot camp, so knowing all these events were coming up and knowing my dad was going to miss them made the thought of the happiest moments of our lives bittersweet.

The week before all of these life-changing events, one of my best friends from college flew into town on Thursday to visit, whom I haven’t seen in 3 years but we have stayed really close. Friday, Tanner’s parents flew into town (which I thought was odd because the twins didn’t graduate until Monday) but is so sweet of them to support my family as they do, so I really didn’t question the timing of their arrival. Saturday morning, Tanner’s mom brought us all to get our nails done after telling me that she wanted to take my sister to get her nails done for graduation. Later in the day, my friend and I were running errands for my mom to get the house ready for the twin’s graduation party.

My mom mentioned that we should have a cookout with Tanner’s family that night at my parents’ house, so my brother cleaned the grill and got charcoal and all for a cookout. Looking back, my mom was very timid the whole day and everything needed to be perfect and ready by the time Tanner’s family got there (in my defense, it is not out of the ordinary for her to want everything looking perfect because my mom is a perfectionist and always has everything in place no matter what time of day, even after working 15 hour days! She is the absolute best.)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in My parents house!

Anyways, Tanner and his parents arrived, and it seemed that everyone was pacing the house. It literally felt like everyone was walking in circles. His mom had lipstick on extra eye makeup, she brought a Cannon camera to “practice taking a picture for the graduation”, my friend offered to braid my hair, Tanner was pacing the kitchen sweating, and my mom was frantically looking over the house for my brother. I noticed everyone was acting different, but I honestly couldn’t figure out why. Anyways, my parents’ house has a very long driveway so it wasn’t out of the norm for packages to be left at the top by the gate. My mom randomly picked up her phone and asked if I could go get a “graduation present she ordered for the twins” because it was just delivered. I kept questioning why I had to go right then and why she also asked Tanner to go. Eventually, somehow, she had me walking out the front door with Tanner.

Holly and Tanner's Engagement in My parents house!

I asked Tanner why everyone was being weird and of course, he said: “what are you talking about?” (which got me annoyed because I think I responded “seriously?”) We started walking the driveway, and I was commenting on the new lights my mom got for the driveway, the trees and how full they got this year, and a million other things that I was not getting a response to! (which also started to annoy me) We got far enough down where I said to Tanner “there is literally nothing at the gate. What is she talking about?” Meanwhile, I kept walking determined to find this package but turned around to find Tanner down on a knee asking me to spend forever with him! I honestly don’t remember anything he said but I do remember him saying “So is that a yes??” after continuously asking him “Oh my gosh, are you serious?!” Tan pulled out the ring from the box and I actually melted. It was absolutely stunning and is “so Holly” and just all around perfect. I could not have dreamed of a more perfect ring.

Every time I look or think about it I have the biggest smile. We walked back to the house where everyone came running outside to congratulate us and tell me that they can keep a secret from me! (I am extremely nosey and Tanner jokes that I ask on average a million questions a day. I never in a hundred years thought that my family and Tanner could keep this from me!!) I also did not think it would happen anytime soon because we had so many events coming up this week and thought it was the twins weekend to celebrate just them!

Everything was so perfect. Tanner made sure to have both our families there, all while making the proposal private with a smaller celebration with the people who mean the world to me. I am still in shock and cannot believe this is real life. Tanner kept his promise in asking my dad for permission. He knows how much my family means to me and how much it would mean to make sure my dad approved, and he obviously did! Tanner is the sweetest, the most protective, my best friend and my everything and I cannot wait to spend forever with him. I am so beyond lucky to have found him!