Holly and R.J.

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How We Met

R.J. and I met at a Kenny Chesney concert at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. I was sitting in the lower level and noticed him smiling at me from the floor. We continued to make eye contact throughout the 3 hours concert until finally he waved at me. I knew I had to meet him, but was unable to get to his seat without having a floor pass. I quickly decided I was going to sign him my phone number across the crowd, so that’s what I did. He immediately texted me asking if he had gotten my phone number right. He then asked me if I would like to meet him at Tootsie’s after the concert and I enthusiastically agreed. After meeting him, I knew he was something special. In fact, I texted my mom that night that I was going to marry him. We have been inseparable ever since and are now GETTING MARRIED!

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how they asked

R.J. completely surprised me with my perfect proposal with the help of great friends and a few white lies. I was set on going to the beach for the weekend before the 4th, but little did I know R.J. was already planning to propose to me in Nashville. He didn’t want me to be suspicious at all, so he asked our friend Jason to tell me he was coming to Nashville from Kansas that weekend. I immediately changed plans so we could hang out with him! Jason did actually make the trip to witness our engagement, which was great! R.J. then had our friend Ginger ask me if we would like to go on a tour of Bridgestone Arena (where we met) with a group of people. After I initially said we couldn’t go, (lol), I said yes and our plans were set for Saturday at 3:30. During our tour, the guide prompted us to go out onto the ice so we could take pictures. I unknowingly set myself up for the big question by pointing out to R.J. where we were sitting the night we met! He then put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to turn around. At that moment I saw my family and our best friends (who drove in from Georgia and Kansas) standing by the entrance as R.J. dropped to one knee. He proposed to me in the perfect setting with the most perfect ring and I can’t wait to marry him!

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Special Thanks

Ginger Johnson
 | Photographer