Holly and Nick

How We Met

Nick is a volunteer firefighter and I am in the auxiliary of a neighboring fire department because my dad is a member. We met in October of 2013 at a meeting that was being held at my firehouse. The auxiliary was in charge of making food for the meeting and so I was behind the scenes most of the night. It wasn’t until we realized that we had bought entirely too much dessert and no one was taking any that I emerged. The ladies made me go table to table serving cake to try to force people to take some. By the time I got to the last table, I was so embarrassed and ready to be done. I asked if anyone wanted any and they all said no, except Nick. He took a piece and forced everyone else at the table to take one too to help me out. Later that night he reached out to a mutual friend and asked about me and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Christmas is my favorite time of year and there’s a beautiful lodge near us that goes all out for the holiday; It’s decorated top to bottom in beautiful lights and there is a Christmas tree in every corner. We go every year, and so us going on our “date night” wasn’t strange because I wanted to see it decorated and have a drink in the cozy bar. Once we got to Skytop I was just in awe of everything and was taking in every bit of it and so, of course, I started taking photos. There is a life-size gingerbread house in the lobby and I started to walk over towards the right side of it and Nick quickly grabbed me and told me to come, look at something on the other side (little did I know 2 of my best friends, Amiee & Christian, were hiding behind a Christmas tree waiting and I almost caught them.) When I went to the other side I took a photo of this beautiful tree and turned around to face the gingerbread house again. Nick asked me to take a photo of the same tree and I said I already did, so he told me a little more firmly to take another one and when I turned around he was down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Skytop Lodge

Once I said yes, I realized my friends were there taking photos of it and I lost my mind. What I didn’t know is that earlier in the day Nick and Amiee went up to scout out the location and I had called him when they were on their way up there. Nick had also mentioned that the only thing that would make the night more perfect is if there was snow and it magically started snowing shortly after, even though it wasn’t in the forecast!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Skytop Lodge

Holly's Proposal in Skytop Lodge

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