Holly and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I were introduced by a mutual friend at bible study a year and a half ago. One week after meeting, he asked me out to coffee, and we’ve been dating ever since! From the beginning we were very straightforward with one another that we were dating with marriage as the end goal, so we were very upfront about whether or not we could see ourselves marrying the other person. After our first summer apart (I was working at a Christian summer camp, and he was traveling the country with a Christian organization) I knew Michael was a man I could see spending the rest of my life with. After our second summer apart I knew I was ready to call him my husband.

how they asked

Fast forward a year, and it’s our last semester at Texas A&M, and we’re finally in a position where marriage is a possible next step. Michael got a job with Steel City Pops in Fort Worth, so we went up to Fort Worth for the weekend to look for an apartment. Michael took me on a date in downtown Fort Worth where our first step was the Water Gardens. He walked me down the steps into the water feature, though it was freezing and dark and I nearly refused to go in, but I’m so glad I did. Once we were at the bottom Michael asked me if I could see myself starting a life with him in Fort Worth, and I said yes. To which he replied “Well then let’s get started!” And got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After Michael proposed I immediately began asking who knew and began making phone calls to my family and friends. Michael was adamant that my friends didn’t know, so I was greatly surprised when I walked into the restaurant to find three of my best friends (and now bridesmaids) sitting at the table waiting for us!

Michael & I went back and took engagement pictures where he proposed, because we loved it that much!

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Special Thanks

Kristi Helm
 | Photography