Holly and Matthew

Image 1 of Holly and MatthewOn February 27th, just 4 days after we celebrated my 25th birthday, Matthew eagerly dropped on one knee and asked me to forever be his girl in the place we spend most of our days: our home church.

The video says it all; his precise planning, creativity, clever ambiance, romantic streak, solid music choice, & sincere desire to share this moment with our closest friends & family.

I cried the entire time & could hardly breathe my heart was racing way beyond normal.

What this video fails to capture is our incredible team chemistry. Matthew and I work alongside each other day in and day out joyfully serving.

What makes us stand out other than our team driven lives is our…hair. We are both firey redheads & have been dubbed by our community as teamred. We’re gonna make some killer babies! We are beyond ready to share every ounce of life together, squeezing the thrill and color out of every moment.

Thank you for letting us share this beautiful moment of our lives. He has no idea I’m sharing our story, but after how much he blew me & our community away by this proposal, I wanted to find ways to honor all he has done for us.

He rocked it. #teamred

Image 2 of Holly and Matthew

Image 3 of Holly and Matthew