Holly and Korey


how they asked

We had this vacation planned for months to Cancun, Mexico. On our fist day there- we checked into the resort, grabbed our bags and ran down to the beach. We caught dinner and a show. I noticed he was acting nervous about something, but thought it was just from the traveling.

After dinner I asked him if we can go take a picture together, and he had asked someone passing by to take it of us. Right as I’m facing the camera smiling I feel him move and there he was down on one knee!! I couldn’t believe my eyes and was hysterically crying with pure happiness.


After it happened I had so many questions and wanted to know all about it! So we grabbed a spot on the beach in one of the cabanas and talked for hours, then went to the bar for drinks where we celebrated!


And of course, we had a whole week in Cancun to contribute to the celebration. It was a dream come true! It was the easiest answer of my life.


I could not have dreamt of a more perfect proposal from the man I love more than life itself.


I tell everyone to wait till you find your best friend, your fairy tale prince.. they do exist.