Holly and Joey

Image 1 of Holly and Joey

How We Met

As fate would have it, Holly and Joey met as five-year-olds on the first day of Kindergarten at Randall Carter Elementary School but were eventually separated in the first grade when a new elementary school was built in their town. Once reunited in high school, the two briefly tested the waters as “just friends,” but later began dating officially in the fall of their sophomore year. The two dated throughout high school and were voted “Cutest Couple” of their high school graduating class. Although they would go on to attend different schools for college, they both managed to stay in New Jersey and continued to see each other routinely on weekends for the next four years.

Image 2 of Holly and Joey

how they asked

During Thanksgiving in 2016, the couple celebrated their 7th anniversary together along with their two families. When it came time for dessert following the big Thanksgiving meal, Joey coyly passed Holly a piece of vanilla cake, which Holly kindly rejected saying she didn’t like the flavor. Joey pressed, encouraging her that he had made the cake himself and was proud and wanted her to try it. Only after failing to dig her fork into the unusually hard cake, Holly realized she wasn’t digging into a dessert, and instead, opened a frosting-covered box to reveal a sparkling engagement ring. Joey then dropped to his knee and proposed… and of course, the rest is history.

Image 3 of Holly and Joey