Holly and Jeff

How We Met: Jeff and I met back in our younger days working at a toy store in Santa Clarita, where we both grew up. We were friends and both knew the timing wasn’t right, and we remained on good terms. Although we hadn’t been in direct contact for years, 10 years later, we reconnected on MySpace, a social website. I was so delighted to receive his message, for I had always thought fondly of him. It seems he thought highly of me too. We met up for a casual coffee date and talked for hours. During our date we decided we should probably go to a sushi restaurant next time, since neither of us drink coffee, but we love sushi. It was this time we knew the timing was right on. From there we started going on more sushi dates, and fell in love.

how they asked: Here’s a “reenactment” of our engagement, produced by New Classic Films!

Being a wedding photographer (Cakes and Kisses based in California), I constantly talked about weddings and anticipated our engagement in every scenario and in every way. Our engagement was non-traditional but very sweet. We had our very own “Freeway Series” and got engaged the weekend of July 4th after an Anaheim Angels game. It was private and personal just as my groom intended, and we made an adorable engagement video with New Classic Wedding Films (above). It was the perfect addition to include because it showed one of my most embarrassing moments to date…reenacted.

Engagement photography by Nicole Polk Photography.