Holly and Chet

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How We Met

Chet and I met my sophomore year of college. He was a junior and had just finished basic training within the last year. I was a cheerleader at the university we attended and he was the crazy-spirited fan that everyone respected and adored. I was just getting out of a brutal relationship when I first laid my eyes on him, or when he first laid his eyes on me. I had attended a few of his frat parties at the legendary “Holler” (the boys called it) during my rocky relationship and was always too afraid to talk to him, even if he had given me a beer. It wasn’t until my relationship with my ex ended and the boy’s basketball team made it to the Elite 8. At that time, Vine was a hit and everyone was submitting their 6 second videos online. Before the game started, he had called me over from the stands. I thought he was just gonna quickly say “hi” and it would be that. No. He wanted to “Vine” me and I was a little embarrassed being caught off guard since he had told me I looked “nice”. When I had seen the video at halftime, I couldn’t help but watch it over and over or get over his simple compliment that would affect me forever. I believe we had lost the game, but it didn’t matter to me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. On the way home, he had invited me over to his house for a party. Eager, I didn’t ask anyone to go with me and showed up to an empty house with him and his roommate in their boxers. I was so embarrassed, especially since I wanted to see him but not alone just yet. He had asked me to stay and I left hoping I didn’t make a weird impression. Little did I know, he would invite me to a small get together a few weeks later and the rest was history.

how they asked

We had found out months before that Chet would be deploying in March of next year (2016) and felt that we needed to plan one more vacation before he left. We had spent our entire 2 1/2 year relationship traveling and seeing new places, but I had always mentioned that I wanted to see my favorite place in the world, Disney. It had been 7 years since I had last been to the parks and I was due for a trip to Florida. He had surprised me with the idea 2 weeks before and would be considered my birthday/Christmas gift. The night before I had worked for 8 hours and had to drive straight to his apartment in VA since our flight left at 9am. I had gotten to his apartment very late and didn’t sleep since we had to leave within the next hour. His parents drove us to the airport and I had a feeling something was up. They had wished us “luck” and I had never heard of needing “good luck” on a flight before. We gotten through the terminal and security smoothly, especially when the flight had moved us to First Class (another first for me). As soon as we got on the plane, I needed to sleep after being awake for 22 hours. I was sound asleep while we were in the air until I heard… “Ehhmm.. Excuse me. Uh. My name is Chet.” Immediately, I arose from my slumber and was puzzled to see Chet standing at the front of the plane holding the microphone. I shook my head and pleaded him to come sit, as I was so confused as to why we was standing with the flight attendants. I had looked behind me and another passenger was holding a phone, and I then saw other individuals doing the same. At this point, I had never been so perplexed in my entire life. Before I could get my thoughts together, he had called me up to the front. I hadn’t even listened to a word he had said. What did I miss? With my hour of sleep, I got up disoriented and looked around. I had never been more embarrassed, especially with my appearance. As he ended his speech, I turned around to walk back, but quickly looked behind me to grab his hand. When I saw him reaching into his pocket, I finally knew what was going on. He got down on one knee and I preceded to cry like I always knew I would. I laid my head onto his, wrapped my arms around his neck and just sobbed for a few seconds. We kissed in a way that I’ll never forget. He quickly got up and placed the ring on my finger. He then yelled, “SHE SAID YES” to the entire plane. After the amazing proposal, the American Airlines staff gave us free champagne for the rest of our flight and the bottle for us to keep. After all the proposal videos I had seen in my lifetime, I should’ve known this was what was happening. Funny thing is, I do not remember saying “yes”, if I had even said it or not. Either way, I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with my best friend who never ceases to surprise me and love me unconditionally.

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