Holly and Andrew

How We Met: We met while working together at the adolescent residential unit at Pine Rest in Grand Rapids, MI. It began like any other love story does: being hit in the face with pee pants; dodging punches, cooking sheet trays, and vacuum cleaners as they whizzed past our heads; and generally just trying to stay alive. Despite this environment and the difficulties we faced day in and day out, we were drawn to each other.

Some of our Adventures

It took about four months for Andrew to finally ask me to be his girlfriend after I showed him how cool I was by throwing him a surprise birthday party. Soon after, Andrew moved to Ann Arbor for grad school, and shortly after, I moved to Ypsilanti because I just couldn’t stay away ;) Since then we have not left each other’s side, and have shared amazing adventures.







Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hawaii on Mt. Haleakala


how they asked: We decided to swing it so I could join in on one of Andrew’s business trips to Hawaii. This trip coincided with both of our birthdays and also our three year anniversary, so it worked out pretty perfect.

On April 19, 2015, Andrew woke me up. I was extremely tired because it was 1am, but also because the night before we had a night of dinner cruising and whale watching. We drove through the darkness together, and I had no idea where he was taking me. We joined a group to shuttle to the top of a dormant volcano. As the sun rose over the clouds, Andrew got down on one knee at the top of Mt. Haleakala and asked me to marry him. It was truly the most amazing day of our lives.







Our Video

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