Holly and Andrew

How We Met

Despite growing up down the street from each other and attending the same school, it took several years for us to meet. We were randomly assigned to sit next to each other in Spanish class sophomore year of high school. He used to cheat off my work, but to this day he’ll claim that I was the one who cheated off his. Nothing came of it at that time and it took even several more years for us to start dating, thanks to the help of social media. By that time we were in college and this time the distance was much greater – he was in Indiana and I was in Maryland.

Holly and Andrew's Engagement in Asbury Park, NJ

We stuck out 3 years of long distance full of plane rides, long drives, studying abroad, me transferring to a school in Rhode Island, graduation, and first jobs. After overcoming a lot of changes and obstacles, we finally both lived in the same state! We moved in together about a year after that. Two apartments, a puppy and a whole lot of growing together later- he proposed after about 7.5 years!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Asbury Park, NJ

how they asked

We had designed the ring together, so I know it had to be coming sooner or later! I had just gotten back from vacation with my family and Andrew asked me to go to the beach on Sunday. This may seem innocent enough considering we go to the beach fairly often, but I am always the one to suggest it. The plan made me immediately suspicious of the day. Before we left I asked a lot of questions to try to gauge his reaction – how long are we staying? where are we going to dinner? what kind of clothes should I bring to change? should I bring a blow dryer and makeup? He remained extremely calm and nonchalant through all of my questionings.

At the beach, he told me that a friend from work texted him asking us to meet up for a drink. I started to doubt that this was THE day. On our way to meet his friend, Andrew told me that he didn’t feel well and that maybe we would leave after this and not stay for dinner after all. Now I am REALLY doubting myself and feeling like I overread the situation. Andrew was very deliberate to make sure we took a certain way to the bar, but I wasn’t really paying attention. As we neared our destination he pointed out a small garden on the corner and suggested we walk through it. This is when he started fiddling with something in his pocket and my heart started beating faster. My intuition was right and he turned around said things that I don’t remember and got down on to one knee. I immediately started crying and pulling him back up for a hug. He literally had to ask me if I was saying yes since no words actually left my mouth. I said yes and he put the ring onto my shaky hand. (Sidenote: he bought an extra slim ring case off the internet because he hates bulky things in his pocket.

This was a great idea considering I was actually looking to see if there was something in his pocket that may be a ring box all day). As we are hugging, I see someone over the corner of my shoulder on their knee taking photos of us. Andrew explained that was the secret photographer he had hired. I was ecstatic knowing he planned this and that I would have photos of this memory forever. We went on a mini photoshoot, stopped to grab a drink to celebrate and then began telling family & friends. It was so us, so perfect and definitely worth the wait!