Holly and Adam - Hot Air Balloon Proposal

How We Met: Holly and Adam were both attending the University of Central Florida in Fall 2009. On October 8th, 2009 Holly and Adam met for the first time. While Adam was eating at Steak N’ Shake with some friends, Holly walked in with her friend, Michelle. Holly (with her outgoing personality) invited Adam and his friends over to eat with them. After spending the evening together and getting to know one another, they exchanged numbers. A few months later, after texting and talking on the phone, Holly and Adam finally got together and instantly there was a connection. From then on, they spent almost every waking moment together. Over Christmas break the two of them talked for hours on the phone every day and every night and when they returned back to school, Adam officially asked Holly to be his girlfriend on January 10.

how they asked: On September 10, 2011, Adam came over and woke Holly up at 4am! He told her that he had a “surprise” for their 1 year, 8 month anniversary. Adam drove Holly’s half-awake-self to a hotel and when Holly stepped out of the car, and saw a huge van that said “Hot Air Balloon Rides”, she nearly screamed! After giving them instructions, they rode in a van anxiously awaiting to get to the field where they would go up in the hot air balloon. As soon as they got into the air, they saw the most beautiful sunrise that either of them had ever seen. The pilot began to talk on the walkie-talkie but he “couldn’t get a signal”. He told them that he was going to have to go closer to the ground to get a “signal”.

As they began to descend, they could see the van that he was trying to make contact with. When they got close enough, they saw two people get out of the van with something in their hands and when they opened it and Holly read the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME HOLLY” she immediately started crying. She turned around only to see Adam down on one knee with a ring in his hand. After this moment, it is safe to say that Holly was no longer looking at the beautiful scenery anymore, her eyes were glued to her finger! After getting off the balloon, Adam would not let Holly call her parents because he said they should drive to Tampa to surprise them. Holly agreed but Adam said they had to stop and show Marco the ring first. They pulled up to the house and when they walked inside they got a huge SURPRISE from the entire Hyman and Gerken family!! It was the most magical proposal and then to have all of our loved ones there to help celebrate made it the most special day that Holly and Adam could imagine!!!

Engagement Photos by Brookewater Photography