Holly and Adam

Image 1 of Holly and Adam

How We Met

Holly and Adam went on their first date at the avocado festival in 2014. A love that is found in a shared adoration of avocados will undoubtedly stand the test of time. It was clear that Adam hit the jackpot of all jackpots when Holly accepted an offer to go on a second date, and third, and fourth…. A few weeks later, Holly realized that she hit the jackpot when Adam showed an impressive stamina while shopping for things OTHER than workout equipment and graphic T-shirts as well as a high tolerance for lengthy tanning days on the beach. The pair were inseparable from that point on. Holly and Adam share a lot of beliefs about humanity, community, the world, and life in general.

how they asked

About 3 years after the duo met, Adam asked Holly to marry him after zip-lining from Spain to Portugal.Holly was the last in their group to zip line over an international border river and into the rest of her life. Adam was waiting there with the ring in hand ready to make a lifetime commitment. When Holly landed on the platform, Adam got down on one knee and Holly said yes! The two are looking forward to their next adventure.

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