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How We Met

Ryan and I met in our high school art class his junior year, my sophomore year. For us, it was love at first sight and we knew we wanted to end up together at a really young age. My grandmother loves to tell the story about our family beach trip when I was only 16 years old. I told her on that trip that I was going to marry Ryan one day. We stayed together all the way through college, even when we went to different schools. Being four hours apart with Ryan at Georgia Southern University and me at Auburn University for four years, our long distance relationship made us appreciate each other so much and helped us confirm that we would spend forever together. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of marrying my high school sweetheart and my dream is coming true. Ryan is the most selfless, kind person and I am so blessed to have met him so young. We have had the chance to grow up together and now we get to grow old together.

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how they asked

When Ryan went to Georgia Southern University, he was really close to Savannah, Georgia so we used to take day trips there when I visited him. We always talked about being able to spending a whole weekend there one day. After he graduated, he planned a surprise trip for us there. We spent the whole weekend exploring the city, eating at our favorite restaurants that we used to eat at and doing all of the things we had always talked about doing. On the last morning of our trip, he scheduled us a carriage ride. The carriage took us all around Savannah and eventually stopped at Whitfield Square. This particular square had a history of romance so our carriage driver persuaded us to get out to look at the gazebo that was in the middle of the square. Once we got out and began walking towards it, I noticed that it was decorated with my favorite flowers, sunflowers. Ryan had a present sitting on the bench inside and when I opened it, it was the photo album I made for him right before he went off to college, full of all of the pictures of us from high school. This photo album is really sentimental to both of us as it was something that we would look at to remember our history and love for each other during the toughest times of our relationship. Once I opened it, I realized that he had finished it out with all of our recent pictures and memories.We got to walk down memory lane to remember where we came from and our life together up to that point and that meant so much to me. When we finished flipping through the album, he stood us up, got down on one knee and proposed! It was the most magical, special proposal I could have ever dreamed of. To top it all off, once our carriage took us to its drop off location, my close family was there to surprise me and congratulate us. They actually got to watch the entire proposal because they were hiding behind the trees around the gazebo so that was really special for them and us. Afterwards, he made us all a reservation at the Lady and Sons restaurant, a place we had always talked about eating at. It was the most perfect day and I will never forget it. He put so much thought and effort into planning me a sentimental, beautiful proposal and I am so lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams!

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