Holli and Gray

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How We Met

Gray and I are high school sweethearts. We started dating the summer before our senior year. After graduation, we did 6 years of long-distance, but I finally graduated with my Masters and we have plans to move in together in 1 week!

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How They Asked

Gray and I had plans to go to the lake that day but he told me his dad wanted to give us a ride in the family antique car because he just got it fixed. On our drive, we took a different turn and I got confused, then we pulled in at our local airport where I saw a helicopter sitting on the landing. We got out of the car and into the helicopter (Gray said I was really quiet at this point lol) and we starting flying over our hometown. The helicopter started to fly over the lake and he tapped in the pilot’s shoulder and pointed to one of the swim docks. The helicopter got really low to the water and I looked out the window and saw a big sign that said “Holli, will you marry me?” and as I turned around, he pulled out the ring and I said yes!

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I was so excited to kiss him, I accidentally hit his microphone from our headsets in the helicopter! When the helicopter got back to the airport, we were greeted by our families. We then spent the afternoon out on the lake celebrating and ended the day with a cookout at his family’s house. It was the most perfect day. ❤️

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