Holland and Troy

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I was getting ready to head to law school the following week and my emotions were on edge as I began picturing my new day to day life which would only include mere FaceTimes and phone calls with Troy, as I headed north to compete the final steps in my education. This new reality was much different then the last three years of our relationship which consisted of us living together. Troy wanted to go out and celebrate my accomplishments as well as get one last date in before I left. He took me to a new restaurant in the next city over which was exquisite in every sense of the word. We enjoy laughs and reminisced on our life thus far together. After dinner we were heading home when Troy mentioned he had one more stop to make. I quickly realized we were going to the park where we had our first date.

The sky was dark and a storm was on the herizon, I was hesitant about taking a walk in dread of being caught in the middle of the storm, but Troy insisted knowing I’d follow him anywhere. As we were walking in the park we came to a bridge, I noticed the bridge was decorated with lights. I simply thought these were decorations placed by park management for another event.

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As we walked to the bridge, I was taken away as I say the words “marry me” spelled out in candles. Before I could catch my breath Troy was on one knee. He’s words were sincere and my heart was full. I would say yes a million times over in every lifetime, because I know I would love him in each.

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