5 Steps to Plan Your Holiday Proposal Speech

Thinking of proposing this holiday season? You’re not alone. According to The Knot, 37% of engagements happen from November to February!

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We love holiday engagements. Seriously, this ugly Christmas sweater proposal still gets to us. But here’s the deal: planning a holiday proposal can be super stressful. How do you pull off such a major surprise during the busiest time of the year? How can you make your holiday proposal personal to your couple style? And what on earth should you say? Lucky for you, today we’re sharing tips from a professional wedding vow and toast writer. Katelyn Stanis from Wedding Words is sharing five steps for planning the perfect holiday proposal.

planning the perfect holiday proposal

Step 1: Plan and Prepare the Proposal

Begin by outlining your proposal plan. This can be the most overwhelming part. How do you come up with a memorable proposal? Brainstorm ideas using these writing prompts:

  • Why is the holiday season special to you both?
  • What are some of your most cherished holiday traditions?
  • Who should be present for the proposal?
  • What are some unique holiday events or activities happening in your town?
  • What does your partner love about the holidays?
  • What is on your holiday to-do bucket list?

Once you’ve completed these writing prompts, highlight any ideas that resonate with you. For example, if you two have always wanted to send a Christmas card together, consider scheduling a holiday photoshoot. Your proposal will be captured by a professional photographer and you’ll have unforgettable Christmas cards.

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Step 2: Coordinate Proposal Logistics

Do you have your proposal idea? Next, it’s time to organize the details. What needs to be done to seamlessly execute your idea? Here’s a quick checklist for your reference:

  • Give advance notice to family members or friends
  • Hire a photographer
  • Scout out and reserve the location
  • Buy the ring and have it insured

Step 3: Craft Your Proposal Speech

As a wedding writer, I work with tongue-tied couples to put their heart into words. When it comes to your proposal speech, there are four key parts:

  • Share a memorable anecdote
  • Communicate why you love your partner
  • Describe why you want to marry them
  • Ask the question

Proposal speech example:

Lisa, from the moment we shared our first kiss on New Year’s Eve three years ago, I felt this instant connection with you.

You are the most supportive, kind-hearted, and loving woman.

I can’t imagine spending another New Year’s Even without you as my wife.

Will you marry me?

Step 4: Savor the Moment

Pop some champagne, hug your family, and soak in every moment of this special time.

The afterglow of your proposal is delightful but fleeting. As tempting as it might be to start wedding planning, take a moment to enjoy the rest of the holiday season being blissfully engaged.

Step 5: Submit Your Proposal Story!

After you’ve had time to take everything in, submit your proposal story to How They Asked. The team can’t wait to hear every detail from how you met to how you proposed. And what better way to keep the engagement excitement going than to see your love story featured?

Confident and ready to make the next steps in planning your holiday proposal? Make sure you’ve checked everything off of this list to ensure you’re ready for the big moment!