Himadri and Sagar

How We Met

I met Sagar for the first time in Seattle. We were very casual friends and spoke once in a while but the real spark all began when we first met. I was traveling to Seattle for work and I happened to randomly ask him if he wanted to join me for the trip. Surprisingly, he seemed interested as traveling was his New Year’s resolution. He even offered to pick me up from the airport. So there I was in Seattle, waiting for this young man to pick me up and yes, he was 45 minutes late. When he finally showed up, my first words to him were not a Hi, Hello or Whatsup, but “I am upset with you”. And that is how our journey began. Always spontaneous and it was possibly the best work trip I would have ever been on. We spoke so much and enjoyed talking to each other so much that we ended up speaking to each other all night in the hotel room watching over Seattle Skyline.

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Ever since that time, we never lost touch. Next month, I went to see him in California and it was again a great “food” trip. He planned everything like a well-organized itinerary. A month after that, Sagar visited me in Chicago(there where I live) and that indeed was a crazy time. We just enjoyed each other’s company so much that we would spend hours talking and sometimes doing nothing but still feeling the zen in each other’s company. From it being a Sleepless in Seattle to a long distance adventure between California and Chicago., every step of the way. I have only looked forward to the future. And of course, we fight, everyone does but nothing beats our resilience. We both are extremely transparent people and have always shared how we feel with full honesty. The way we resolve our differences, I don’t think I could ever do that if it wasn’t for him.

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You know what they say, ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. Time flew, we started to see each other more often. We both love traveling and love trying new things. We decided to try one adventure that we have never experienced before together everytime we met. From sliding in the roller coaster in the Santa Clara beach to kayaking our way through the canals of Chicago Skyline or getting a deep tissue Bourbon massage. It was indeed always an exhilarating experience. We found pleasure in anything and everything we did together. From renting a luxury bungalow in the middle of the woods of MidWest to laying in bed watching Netflix for hours. Forget about feeling butterflies, I feel the whole zoo in the stomach when I see this man every single time.

Himadri and Sagar's Engagement in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

With time, I met his friends and family and felt closer to him and started to learn different other sides of his life. It’s funny because he never officially asked me to be his girlfriend or date him, we just knew and that’s what makes it special. Our relationship sure began with talking on text to phone to seeing each other once a few times, but it never affected how I ever felt about him. There are so many people in your life that come and go, but there are very few that are there to stay. And I take immense pride that he is the one for me.

how they asked

Sagar asked me to join him at his family event in Delray Beach, Florida. He asked me to wear red as he has arranged a date for us for that day. I was all ready and excited to go out for brunch. As we were leaving from our resort to Miami, he said we should stop by for some snacks as the destination is far away and we both were starved. So we stopped by in Ft Lauderdale downtown to grab some quick snack. As we were walking in the area, I didn’t see any restaurants so I asked him if he was sure there is something to eat. After walking around for 15 minutes, Sagar asked me to get on the boat with him. I was appalled because instead of having a meal right now, he was insisting on going on a boat ride in that Florida heat. He kept insisting so I decided to get on the boat.

The boat ride lady mentioned that there was a last minute cancellation and we can hop on the boat and they would be serving us food on the boat. As soon as we took our seats, she served us Champagne and there were chili paneer and spring rolls in the food boxes. Chili Paneer is my favorite Indian/Chinese dish and I got so excited. But it was too good to be true. I kept asking Sagar on the whole ride that there was no way this could be a coincidence.

Later on, he did go on to admit that he reserved the boat ride for us. We rode through the canal sipping on our drinks after which our boat hit something. The boat sailor got really afraid and asked Sagar to help her out with handing her a net. The lady then used the net to get some bottle under the water. She gave the bottle to me to check what’s in there. The bottle had a handwritten note from Sagar. While I was reading the letter, Sagar went on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t believe in that exact moment as to how to react. I could not get too excited as the boat would flip or hold it in.

I have never felt so elated in my entire life. There are two most important days in a person’s life. One is when they are born and the second is when they find the purpose of it. Now that I have had both, I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Everything about him and every experience has been so rewarding. From having my favorite food, ” Chili Paneer ” in my favorite place, “Venice Gandola”. What a moment it was! I couldn’t believe the crazy, funny and flamboyant guy I met back in Seattle, one day would love me this much.

Not only that, but he took months to design the ring himself like a crown with my birthstone under the center crown and our name engraved. I guess the best ones aren’t always taken or gay. 2018 – forever. Meeting you has made me believe that fairytales do exist and I thank god to have found you in this life.