Himadri and Ansh

How We Met: Ours is a typical college romance, theImage 1 of Himadri and Ansh one you see in movies! I first met Ansh through mutual friends, when I went to visit a few friends studying in London in 2010; Ansh was also completing his undergraduate in London at that time.

A few months later, I transferred colleges to London for my undergraduate and coincidentally moved into the same housing as him. I still remember it was a week or so before term was to commence and since none of our friends had come back for the next term, we were the only two people who kind of knew each other and ended up hanging out.

He helped me settle into the city from helping me set up bank accounts & phone contracts to acquainting me with clubs and food joints. Over the next few months, we spent all our time together whether it was the many movie nights or rare study sessions. We became the best of friends…so incredibly close that all our friends would tease us together.

Image 2 of Himadri and AnshIt wasn’t until I went away for a weekend that we realised our feelings for each other. It was the weekend that BBM went down for the very first time cause of which we didn’t get a chance to speak much; and realised how much we missed each other.

I couldn’t wait back to tell him about my trip and ask him about every detail of his weekend. As I got out of the airport after the weekend, I saw him standing there waiting for me!

It was the best feeling to just run into his arms and hug him! We told each other we liked each other instantly and then started dating on 4th December 2010.

After dating for 2 years, we did 2 years of long distance through various time zones and different cities and we’d look forward to our annual summer trips with our university friends.

how they asked: On one such summer trip with our friends, he proposed!! Just last week Ansh & I were on vacation in Santorini and Mykonos with our friends. We had been having a blast when it was the last day of the trip and Ansh said he was feeling sick and that he didn’t feeling like going out to the beach party with our friends. I was a little bumped but agreed to stay and spend time with him. In hindsight, none of our friends even forced us to come but I didn’t notice then.

After a an hour or so, he said he felt better and we could go for dinner some place nice like Hakkasan; so I got dressed and met him in the hotel lobby. As soon as I saw him in a suit I asked him what was going on why he was dressed like that?! And he said we aren’t going to Hakkasan for dinner. A car pulled over, we got in and soon reached this fancy hotel. The receptionist greeted us warmly and as spoke to Ansh as though she knew him, I started to get an idea.

But when she said she’d walk us to our table and as we passed the restaurant, the poolside and a garden until we reached these stairs that led to a private candle lit cabana in the middle of the ocean and Ansh said thats where we’re dining, I began shaking.

Image 3 of Himadri and Ansh

I didn’t say anything cause I didn’t want to ruin the moment but held his hand really tightly in nervousness. There were candles, balloons, my favourite flowers, fire stands, soft music, sound of the waves, an amazing view of Mykonos city, a full moon night and the man of my dreams! I couldn’t have imagined this moment any better myself- it was truly magical.

After a few courses, he asked how I was feeling and then whispered to me I’m going to read something to you now. I couldn’t even breathe and I couldn’t believe whether this was all actually happening; I took a few deep breaths as he said the most romantic and honest words that made me cry before he even asked the question! Then he went down on his knees and asked me to marry him.

Image 4 of Himadri and Ansh

All this while there was a photographer taking pictures of us and capturing our special moment!

Image 5 of Himadri and Ansh

We hadn’t even finished our dinner and dancing for the rest of this romantic evening, before we got calls from our parents and friends from back home who were all awake in different time zones counting down to this hour! Our friends travelling with us were waiting for us back at our hotel to hear all about the proposal! And the entire night was definitely the most magical night of my life so far!

Image 6 of Himadri and Ansh

The funny thing is, I’ve always believed ‘Love is Friendship’ (Pyaar Dosti Hai in Hindi). Whenever someone used to ask me, I always said I want to find a friend, not just a friend in fact a best friend in the person I love…But I never thought I would find love in my best friend; but I did and when I did it was the best feeling ever… Life is funny and this, Ansh is the best gift life could give me!

We are so excited to start be getting married next December, 5 years ago when it all began!!

Venue and Planning: Kivotos Hotel