Hillary and Tim

Image 1 of Hillary Miller and Tim

How We Met – Tim

There’s actually two parts to this story. I saw Hillary from afar at a singles’ beach camp out in Dana Point as she was helping carpools find parking. I saw her through the back car window, but she didn’t see me! I thought she was cute, and hoped to meet her, but couldn’t find her for the rest of the campout. We met a month later at Church when I casually b-lined to the empty seat next to her in the back row, which, funnily enough, is where she had never sat prior to that day. As we were chatting, I discovered she was the mysterious girl from the campout!

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how they asked – Hillary

Tim was extra excited about the double date he had planned with their friends, Jeremy and Caitlyn. “Maybe the dumpling place Tim wants to show us is beyond mouth-watering?” I thought. After eating, Tim decided it would be fun to grab some ice cream at Old Town Pasadena and show our friends around City Hall; one of my favorite buildings.

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After we parked, Tim started walking at a slightly faster-than-normal pace toward the building. “Wait! What about ice cream?” I asked, to which Tim replied, “We can grab it after, let’s cross here.” We crossed the street, which seemed unnecessary, so I started to get suspicious and excited. As we approached the steps to the dome of City Hall, I heard music and shuffling of feet, and suddenly 20 of my friends came into view, dancing together to Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.”! Tim acted surprised at first, which I saw right through and laughed. Then to add to the magic, he walked up to the group and danced along when the music changed to Justin Timberlake’s “That Girl”, which was pretty suave.

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Then of course came what was suspected- he walked up to me and got down on one knee. Of course I said yes, and watch the video to see how it all happened!

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our video

special thanks

Proposal Photos: Jeremy Harris
Video shot by: Jeremy Harris and Anthony Thomas
Video edited by: Hillary Miller Newton
Engagement Photos: Monika Ottehenning