Hillary and Symon


How We Met

You know the saying that the best things happen when you least expect it? That’s exactly what happened to me and my fiance Sy. Neither of us were thinking about dating or trying to meet anyone new. We were enjoying our separate lives, making new friends, and seeking new experiences.

My cousin had separately invited each of us to a 3-day music festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada. For both of us, it was our first time attending anything like this. We had no idea what we were getting into but I was up for an adventure and wanted to experience something brand new. Little did I know, Sy felt exactly the same.


For the first day of the festival, we went to the festival as part of a large extended group of friends of friends who didn’t know each other.  An hour in, we were all separated and didn’t expect to see each other again. Exhausted and ready to go home towards the end of day one of the festival, my laces came undone as I was exiting–they had been fine for 10 hours of walking and dancing!  I sat down on a curb to re-tie my shoes and when I looked up, there he was. It was Sy.

He recognized me and beamed this INCREDIBLY handsome smile back at me. Call it coincidence. Call it fate. Call it serendipity. Whatever it was. In a sea of over 130,000 attendees, everything aligned for our paths to collide.

We found each other again the following day and shared a magical evening together under the electric sky.  Everything felt different together. I felt it. Sy felt it. And so he asked me out on our first date—to meet and finish our third and final festival evening together.

When we both returned home to Los Angeles, Symon took me on the absolute PERFECT date. It was a date that I had always dreamed someone would take me on but never found someone who did. I would find out later that this date was what he called, “The Glass Slipper Date.” And I was his perfect fit.

After this date, I started to look for a job so that I could stay in Los Angeles (as I was actually planning on moving back to Arizona before I met him). Symon, on the other hand, started working on a proposal that would later blow me away. The video explains it all…

how they asked

I’m not an easy girl to surprise. Talks of our future and the idea of marriage wasn’t new between us. This was something we both knew was going to happen very early on in our relationship. So how do you surprise a girl who knows a surprise is coming?

You start working on it way before she even knew it was coming.

In the beginning of our relationship before we even started officially dating, Symon suggested that we keep video journals of our dates. I thought it was a fun idea and we both enjoyed the idea of documenting our days together. We made over a hundred of these in our first year together. Little did I know, these were all part of his proposal plan.

Months leading up to the proposal, he doubled down on our surprise dates. It became trickier to plan after we had moved in together but he continued to pull out all the tricks to keep me guessing.

Here’s a few of the ways that he did:
– Enlisted help of friends and family by having them unknowingly invite me to get our nails down AFTER the scheduled proposal date. Nobody knew the actual proposal date!
–Left fake emails in his inbox with subject lines like “November E-Day Photo Shoot” to see if I would notice it (I didn’t!)
– Purposely carried a small ring box in his back pocket on many dates leading up to the proposal to see if would notice it (I didn’t!)
– Acted nervous on many dates leading up to the proposal so I would think he was proposing on that day (Again, didn’t notice!)

On the date of our proposal, he disguised our date as his one year anniversary gift to me. He took me to OUE Skyspace in Downtown Los Angeles where we spent the date 1000 feet high at the top of the building. Set against the backdrop of the LA skyline, he surprised me with a video montage of our year together. It was a collection of photos of videos with some of our highlights from our first year together. I thought that was it.


I was wrong.

He later surprised me with a second video which revealed that throughout our many earlier video journals, he was secretly asking me to marry him! Without my knowledge! He pieced them together into a beautiful video. I’m not much a crier at all, but I couldn’t hold back the tears that day. Happiest tears of my life!



Our Video

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