Hillary and Sam

How We Met: Sam and I grew up less than 10 miles away from each other in South Florida, but it took living in Boston for us to meet. Mutual friends set up a dinner, and Sam and I happened to sit across from each other. After 3 years of being friends and spending all our time together, Sam and I were an official couple.

how they asked: For my 25th birthday, Sam insisted on flying home to South Florida and spending the weekend with family. We booked the trip, and immediately after, Sam told me to leave Friday night available – he was going to plan something. On our date that night, Sam and I walked along Atlantic Avenue, one of our favorite spots near the beach. On our way to dinner, we stopped to take a picture; Sam handed his phone to a young lady and asked her to take our picture. The first wasn’t very good, and Sam asked if she would take another. While posing for the second picture, Sam reached in to his pocket, got down and on knee, and asked me to marry him. I was shocked! And of course, I said YES!