Hillary and Nathan

Hillary's Proposal in Acworth, Georgia

In the early parts of summer 2017, Nathan’s mother began talks about a surprise birthday party for him in November, after thanksgiving. Plans were proposed over the next few months. Plans that included decorations, food and most importantly how to get him there, without a clue! Nathan and I met online. With a long distance relationship and many trips between Ohio and Georgia, I took off one afternoon to GA. I left a lot earlier than planned and called Nathan to let him know. We had plans to go out to eat for his birthday and I’d told him the night was all planned. Little did he know there was a surprise party waiting at his parents. So I got to Georgia around 5pm and we got ready for the evening. Both in attire a little more dressed up then we typically would wear. Nathan’s Mom and I planned a phone call from his little sister, that would get us to the surprise party location before dinner. We had planned that his sister would ask us to swing by and take a picture before our night out. Right on que, the phone rang at 7pm and we took off to his parents. On the way there, Nathan began asking details about the night. Where are we going to eat? Can we afford this? “Sure, your parents pitched in!” I replied. We pulled up to his parents house, lights off, blinds shut. Nathan acknowledged all of this and thought that it was strange. I’m dying on the inside because I knew what was all awaiting us inside- the surprise party we’d been planning him for months. Nathan unlocked the front door and we stepped inside. Lights off, dead silent. I stood there waiting for everyone to pop out and yell, “surprise!” but it never happened. Okay, maybe everyone was hiding in the kitchen? So Nathan took my hand and we walked back toward the kitchen. At this point I was clueless of the lanterns leading towards the way we were heading. I saw the Christmas tree all decorated and thought that his family decided to decorate early. Then, I noticed a heart outlined on the floor. That was strange. Why would his mom decorate with that for his birthday? By this point we had made it to the kitchen And it all hit me at once! “Is this a joke?!” There was no one in that kitchen but his sister, who began snapping pictures. Our song began playing and I tearfully began to realize what was happening. This was it. Nathan took my hand and led me to the center of the heart, said the most sweet things, got down on one knee, and proposed. The easiest yes! The surprise was on ME! “So we aren’t having a surprise party?!” I said. “Nope” Nathan replied. And then around the corner came his family! Hugs and congratulations were exchanged and then Nathan told me there was something else. He pointed towards the doorway and out walked my parents. All the way from Ohio. I was SHOCKED! But how? When? They had booked it down that morning and was about an hour ahead of me the whole day of traveling.Nathan is the best thing I’ve ever known. I get to marry him. When that reality sets in, I let you know.

Best day ever.

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