Hillary and Matthew

Where to Propose in Walt Disney World

How We Met

I met my fiancé thru my best friend, she is married to his brother. I had been hanging out with them and one thing just led to another. I decided to go on a date with him, we went to Gettysburg had dinner and from there on out here, we are. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

How They Asked

So I had planned a trip to my favorite place on earth….DISNEY. Matthew was just along for the ride so I thought, poor me dragging him to Florida and of all place Disney in the Middle of July where it’s 87 degrees and a busy place. My aunt and uncle were apart of this as well. We all started the day off with mimosas and then got on a bus a started our journey to the most magical place on earth.

Did what every person does at Disney ride as many rides as you can in a days time, well it slowly started to come into the night and we made our way back to Cinderellas Castle to watch the fireworks show. We had picked a spot, but my aunt had mentioned it was to close so we might want to back up a bit, so we picked up and moved further back Main Street, I had to use the restroom and on my way back I had seen a proposal and I couldn’t believe it, how AWESOME is that!

Hillary and Matthew's Engagement in Walt Disney World

So I run back to tell the group, and Matthew says oh my how romantic (insert eye roll) lol. Well we moved down Main Street even further and I was getting a little irritated because I like to be as close to the castle as I can, well my aunt decided that we should all get a group photo together so we all stood side by side took a few pictures, then she said you and Matt get a few together, he just kept babbling. Mind you were getting pictures and he’s talking the whole time and was shaking like crazy. And then finally he turned me towards him got down on one knee, and I honestly questioned him if he was being serious because I just couldn’t believe my best friend was proposing to me at Disney, at my most favorite place, in front of family that I love. OHH…and, of course, I SAID YES! It was honestly the most wonderful thing, and like they say Disney is the most Magical place on earth, and for me that couldn’t be any truer.

Special Thanks

Christine & Thomas Long
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