Hillary and Lukas

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How We Met

Lukas and I met almost six years ago at Susquehanna University! We started off as friends freshman year and began dating the beginning of sophomore year. From that moment on he became my best friend, travel partner, and my person. He is from the Czech Republic and I am from America, so that has brought for some interesting conversations. After only a few months of dating he asked if I’d like to go home with him to meet his family, which in any other situation wouldn’t be so shocking, except that I had to fly across the ocean to meet his family that does not even speak English! That next year, I headed off to London for a semester and he headed back to Prague. I visited six times that semester and just couldn’t get enough of him or his country. I fell in love with Prague and decided that if he was the person that I would be with forever, that I should get to know his home. That next summer, I lived in Prague while he lived in Germany. We returned for our senior year, had the time of our lives, and graduated in 2014. When we finished school, Lukas was headed to Annapolis and I to NYC. Long distance, both states and countries away, could not keep us from being together. Now, we live in Annapolis together and finally get to live our happily ever after!

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how they asked

Lukas and I are always looking for our next adventure, but we still have some of our all time favorite spots. On the day of the proposal, Lukas insisted we wake up early to head to one of our favorite waterfall, Roaring Brook. Something felt a bit fishy when the entire way up the mountain we were talking all about our future and what our perfect life would look like. When we reached the top we were greeted by a butterfly, which I believe was my father giving us his blessing from heaven. We walked over to the top of the waterfall and I sat down on a boulder for him to take my picture. When I turned around, he was down on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife! I said YES! We sat in peace on top of the mountain for a while until he told me that the day wasn’t over. We returned home to find my family popping champaign and celebrating with cake, yum. What I didn’t know, was that there would be a proposal round two at night where he lit up a sign in fire to ask me once more in front of my family if I would marry him. The perfect ending to the perfect day.Image 3 of Hillary and LukasImage 4 of Hillary and Lukas